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DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeders


With Spring time here, we love to watch the birds in the yard, so this project was perfect for us, plus it brought back memories because I used to make these when I was little
All you need is bird seed, peanut butter, string and pine cones (we went pine cone collecting earlier in the day which just added to this activity)

What you do:

Tie A long string to one end of the pine cone
Cover the pine cone in peanut butter
Try to stop the munchkins from licking the peanut butter off of the pine cone
Roll it in the bird seed
Again make sure they know bird seed is not yummy, or whatever let them figure it out for themselves
Bring out and tie it to a tree(make sure you put it where a bird can sit on a branch and get to eat, my munchkins hung them just hanging down from the tree so I had to go rehang them later)

Wait and enjoy your friends that come for a feast 🙂

bird feeders bird feeders1 bird feeders2 bird feeders 3bird feeders3

My take on Chocolate Covered Banana Cupcakes


My family loves chocolate, and banana’s and so of course love chocolate covered banana’s!
Meet my version the Chocolate Covered Banana Cupcake

chocolate banana cupcake

What you need:

  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder(I used 1/2 black onyx which is a darker cocoa, and 1/2 regular sweetened cocoa powder for a stronger flavor but you could probably use all regular unsweetened cocoa powder as well)
  • 1 cup cake flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp fine sea salt(you can also use table salt)
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • large egg


  • 1/2 cup banana’s mashed
  • 1/4 cup butter softened
  • 3 cups confectioner sugar
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla


To make cupcakes, mix all dry ingredients until well blended, then add the milk, vegetable oil, vanilla, egg, and boiling water, Beat about 1-2 minutes on medium

Put into well greased cupcake pans or cupcake liners
Bake at 325 12-14 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean

To make the filling and icing mix together all ingredients and blend well

When Cupcakes are finished baking and cooled you can either fill them using a cupcake fill tip or you can cut a little chunk out of the center of each cupcake and fill with icing
Then top with the icing using a spatula(The icing will not be really thick that is ok)

As an added bonus I used hershey’s syrup to swirl the top of each cupcake and then added chunks of banana
(this is optional and if you choose to do it should be done right before serving)

Hope you enjoy, if you make them please let me know what you think, I love comments 🙂

Ice brick fun


It’s finally getting to be warm out, and ice is always a great way to cool down, so why not play with it?

ice bricks
ice bricks1

ice bricks2

For this activity I froze water in loaf pans, dixie cups and icecube trays, I left some of them plain but to most I added food coloring.
Once frozen you just pop them out and they can build with them, smash them, and play with them
It was a lot of fun and kept them cool while playing outside in the heat

This idea originally came from Play at home mom and was just adapted some :-) 

10 reasons having a dog is not like having a child


My rant for the day You know what I can’t stand?  When someone compares their dog to my children, ummmm no matter how you cut it, having a dog is not like having  a child.  Here are 10 reasons why….


Dogs require to be fed, in a bowl twice a day, something that you didn’t cook

Children, at least mine think they are starving 20 times  a day and must have something custom prepared that goes along with whatever food phase for the day, You can not feed them the same things daily, because while they may LOVE chicken nuggets today, chances are they will HATEEEEEEEEEEEE! chicken nuggets tomorrow, ya know what else?  They never tell you that they have decided to swear off chicken nuggets until you have them on a plate sitting in front of them and you are just about to take your first bite of food.

When your dog is driving you insane you can put it in a cage, leave it home alone, or tie it up outside

Do you know what they call that if you do it to children? Child Abuse

3.   Can we talk money here?

Yes I realize dogs can get pretty prices for regular vet bills, and if they get sick the price goes up

Seriously though no comparison to the years of diapers, formula, bottles, furniture,  clothes, shoes, toys, games, books, and everything else that little humans require


When’s the last time your dog colored your entire house with permanent marker?

You mean he doesn’t have opposable thumbs?  He can’t color your walls, Oh he chewed your slipper you say, I tell ya what I will buy you a new slipper, you buy me new walls, and a new sofa Deal?


Dog gets sick, you bring them to the vet, if it is serious the vet keeps him overnight, you go home, you worry about your dog, you hope he gets better
Child gets sick, you bring them to the doctor, you sit in a waiting room forever hoping said child doesn’t contract something far worse than what they originally came with, You find out your child has the flu, the doctor won’t keep them, you spend a week not sleeping, cleaning vomit from everything in your house, praying that they get better, and then ya know what happens….You get sick, and you still have to take care of the sick child


When’s the last time your dog told you they hated you, or that you ruined there life, or screamed one of those ear piercing glass shattering screams that makes everyone turn around and cover their ears simultaneously?  That’s what I figured, unless your dog is like Martha Speaks none of that shit happens, You don’t know what Martha speaks is?? That means that you are not subjected to countless hours of horrible cartoons that somehow leave you singing the songs that you hate…but I thought raising a dog was like raising a child


Your dog is sad? You pet him, give him a treat and boom instant tail wagging happiness
Your child is sad?  You spend hours trying to figure out how you can be doing everything that you are doing with them and they are the ones that did something mean to you, yet they are sad, you hold them, cuddle them, rock them, sing to them, pretty much anything to stop them from being sad, 5 minutes later they are sad again, probably because you served them the dreaded chicken nuggets they loved yesterday


Taking a trip, put the dog in the car, probably in a cage, good to go,

I am betting your dog never once says “Are we there yet?” Let alone 50 times an hour for 14 hours, I am also betting you never hear something like this from the back seat “He’s touching me” “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you” “MOOOOOOOOOOM”


Have to go to work?  Leave the dog home with a bowl of food and water and a couple toys FREE
With a child, find a babysitter, pay 3/4 of what you make to said babysitter, and hope the babysitter you found isn’t planning a kidnapping or  murder


I’ve kind of saved the best for last in my opinion?

Wanna tell me where you got that dog?  Oh you went to a breeder or a pound?  Signed some papers, paid some money and brought your new bundle of joy home?
Let me tell you how I got my children, I got pregnant, vomited for months, grew to be the size of a house, ended up with Cankles, high blood pressure and diabetes, spent countless hours in a doctors office, battled extreme heartburn, and hot flashes then had my stomach cut open and my new bundle of joy pulled out….Seriously read my birth stories

How the Evil Spawn came to be
The Story of My Prince

I think I was fortunate, we all know the other way a baby enters this world…And even if someone adopted their child it is still not the same, they put in a lot more work and money let me tell you, and probably heartache and tears along the way so….here’s the deal if you can manage to push a dog out of your hoohah or have it cut out of your stomach then I will admit that having a dog is like having a child, it still won’t be but I will let you win this one….

NYIP Unit 3 Photo Project


This project was by far my least favorite, sure I realize you need to know how to use lighting, but overall I thought the pictures required were boring, and they didn’t speak to me at all. Such is life, I finished and am awaiting my review 
IMG_299745 degree lighting

IMG_3374back lighting

IMG_3995lighting for texture

IMG_4717person in shade 

IMG_5078 IMG_5079

pic 1 is 45 degree no reflector
pic 2 is 45 degree with reflector 

So happy to be finished with The Unit 3 photo project 

The Giant Bubble


Have you ever wanted to play in a Giant bubble, or maybe your child gets hurt or sick a lot and you have threatened to put them in a bubble?  No? Well I have always wanted to and when I seen a post on play at home mom, I was super excited to make that dream come true, Played in Giant bubble CHECK!

Giant Bubble1
Giant Bubble2

giant bubble

giant balloon
Do you want to play in a giant bubble now?  We set this up inside, but this can also be used outside

Here’s what you need:
Plastic sheeting, you can get this at walmart and most hardware stores, I recommend at least 3mil
Duct Tape
A fan

Here’s what you do
Lay one sheet flat and the other one flat on top of it, Duct tape the sides together leaving a hole for the fan and a hole to enter and exit
Put the fan in one hole and tape the plastic around it

Note: Since we used a box fan we had to put it up on a chair, if left on the floor it caused the bubble to blow up off the ground 🙂

I had a bunch of munchkins that day and they were all entertained for hours, the brought in ball pit balls, baskets, paper tubes, and dolls

I even had fun playing in it, It was also nice to let the babies crawl in

*the children were supervised at all times, only you know what you are comfortable with when it comes to your child, if they may put their hands into the fan I recommend sitting yourself in front of it 🙂

Let me tell you a secret…there is no such thing as normal


Shortly after I first started talking to my now best friend, who happened to be at the time a Mother of 4, and pregnant, we were on the phone and she was venting about all the crazy shit her kids had been doing, when she got to a story about how her stepson had taken off his diaper and played in his poop, Her exact words were  “That is not normal”

None of her other children at the time had done it, why would he do something like that?

Well that’s a mighty fine question, I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have asked myself and anyone who would listen to me  that same question, and there is never a good explanation other than children are just plain weird.

It was the not normal part that stuck with me, because C had went through a lengthy phase where she would remove her diaper in the middle of the night and cover her crib, carpet, and herself in poo.  I too had asked What the fuck, why would she do that! I mean seriously who enjoys playing in poo, and she didn’t do it thinking it would be a fun game and then decide it wasn’t, nope she would sit there covered in poo, smiling her big almost toothless grin,  or sucking on her pacifier, looking like an outhouse had flown out of the back of a truck and crashed through her ceiling.  She never cried when she did it, for the most part the only  way we knew that we would be walking into a world of shit literally was that she would be quiet way past the time she normally woke up.

The husband and I always handled it like true adults and never fought over who would clean it up, and I NEVER ever begged and pleaded or bribed him to clean it, Honest! The first few times  I threw the sheets away ( no way was I washing that) and said a little prayer that she wouldn’t want to play in her poo again, until about the 10th time she did it and I realized if I didn’t learn to wash the sheets we were going to go broke and be eating Ramen for dinner every night.   I did some crazy things trying to get her to stop doing it, including waiting for her to poop before I put her to bed or down for a nap, and  duct taping her diaper on, but my child was like a mini Houdini so the duct tape thing never really worked out.

The thing is until this conversation I had never wondered if it was normal, and now I was, which really confused me because if another kid was doing it, it had to be normal right?  I thought about that statement all night, and then it finally hit me, nothing is normal when it comes to parenting, well almost nothing, and that’s okay! As parents we worry way too much about what is and isn’t normal, and how to get our child to stop doing something that society says they shouldn’t be doing anymore, but let me clue you  in on a little secret, I have never seen a college student that was still attached to his/her binky, bottle or sippy cup, I have never seen one still in diapers because they still were refusing to use the potty, and I certainly have never seen one remove said diaper and make a nice drawing with their poo..thing is there is a 99.9% possibility that at some point your child will stop wanting to do those things, until then learn to laugh and remember somewhere out there a mother is going through the exact same thing you are, and they are just has frustrated as you!

Now do you want to know the secret to get baby to stop removing their diaper and playing in their poo? Of course you do right, well you do if your child likes this game.  So here it is :  Footed pajamas with a zipper or snaps, put on backwards! If it is summer feel free to cut them into shorts, it won’t look pretty but it will get the job done!   I’ll never really know if C lost the urge to play in her poop, because mommy figured out this trick and finally won a round 🙂

Dad vs Mom


I have to admit, I love all the jokes on the internet about how mom works harder than dad, They almost always make me giggle, that’s probably because they are fairly accurate and if I don’t laugh I may do something harmful to the man who fathered my munchkins.  I really can’t get enough of them. I mean seriously it does seem like Mommies get the raw end of the deal sometimes am I right?

This post is going to be a little different than the one’s about how being a mom is harder and such, because this one is going to tell you why being a mom is so awesome, just gotta stick with me, I’ll get to it I promise

Lets start with the fact that if you are a stay at home mom, you spend pretty much all day everyday with your children and when Daddy finally does get home from work, you look a lot like this:
Zombie mom

And who needs a break?  By the looks of this it must be Daddy right, so Daddy tends to look like this:

May you have one of those super awesome husbands who will watch the baby for a little while when he gets home so you can maybe use the bathroom alone or eat something for the first time all day
We are so tired and over-stressed that we appreciate it even if it looks a little like this

But beware, just because Daddy says he will look after the kids doesn’t mean the kids will actually agree to this!

And if Daddy needs to get something for one of the kids, like say a cup he will probably have to come get you to find out where you actually store the cups, even though you have lived in the same house for years and the cups have always been in the same cupboard

Mom’s are usually responsible for getting up with their children in the middle of the night too

Although I have heard some Daddy’s actually do this too

You also need to know that mom’s are not allowed to get sick….EVER!

Daddy’s on the other hand are allowed and when they do, you must make sure to take very good care of them, even if you are also sick at the time, just refer to the last rule okay

You see while Daddy’s get sick days, a paycheck and paid vacation, Mom’s are not so fortunate

Lets say that Daddy finally plans a vacation, don’t get your hopes up too much, I know you want to relax and all, You are probably sitting there right now picturing yourself on a beautiful beach, margarita in one hand, book in the other, but it’s not going to happen sister, Daddy’s vacation may work out like that

But face it, Yours will be much more like this:


As promised though I am about to reveal why it is so awesome to be the mommy!
You know those times when you are doing something questionable like feeding your kids ice cream for dinner, or speeding, or cussing at the car in front of you at a stop sign or on the highway, and you say to your kids “Don’t tell Dad” and they don’t

Well Guess what happens when Dad does something like that and tells them not to tell mom

And that my friend is why being a Mom is so Awesome!

Low fat Low Cal Chocolate Cupcakes


I am not feeling well today, double ear infection, and tired, but I did want to get a post out, and maybe If I am feeling better tonight I will post something else, For now I wanted to show you a quick easy way to make low cal low fat cupcakes, that taste just as good as full fat cupcakes(I promise) unless you seriously miss icing and then there might be trouble 🙂 My family at the crap out of these and none of them like one of the 2 ingredients so give it a try, you might be surprised

You need only 2 ingredients (If you want you can also add powdered sugar or cool whip to the top in place of icing)
A can of soda, and a box of cake mix
For this I used Diet coke, and Mrs Fields Chocolate cake mix

If you are completely against diet soda, using regular soda would still make them low cal and low fat, just a few more calories but when you separate it into servings it’s not bad

Because I used a smaller cake mix I only needed half a can of diet coke, If you use a regular box cake mix you will need the full 12oz can

Here’s what you do:
Mix the cake mix and the diet coke(Do not add the ingredients called for in the cake mix)
Pour into lined cupcake tins and bake at the same temperature called for on the box about 2 minutes less than what is called for on the box until a toothpick comes out clean when inserted

I chose to sift a little powdered sugar on top of each cupcake and they were delicious



These recipes are all over pinterest so I honestly have no idea who came up with the idea originally, but if it was you please tell me so I can tell you how much I love you!

Quick Easy Memorial Day Dessert


My munchkins and I are going up to my sisters to have a BBQ with the family, and I always like to have a special red, white, and blue dessert on Memorial Day, so I whipped up this simple parfait


 What you need:
Angel food cake, either home made or from the grocery store
1 pint of blueberries
2 pints of Strawberries
Cool Whip(I used extra creamy)

What to do:

Chunk up your angel food cake
Wash and Dice strawberries
Wash Blueberries
In a large bowl :
Layer 1- Angel Food Cake(1/2 of it)
Layer 2- Cool Whip(thin layer enough to cover the cake so it doesn’t get soggy from the fruit)
Layer 3-Diced Strawberries
Layer 4- Angel Food Cake (the rest)
Layer 5- Cool Whip (again enough to cover the cake)
Layer 6- Blueberries