NYIP Unit 4 photo project


This Unit was all about portraiture, I actually kind of enjoyed it, although having to ask people to model for the photo project and having to do things on their time did slow me down a little.  I got an A on my test and I sent in my pictures last night 🙂

Photo 1 was a head and shoulders shot using natural light
My princess volunteered


Photo 2 was a head and shoulders shot using a light, my princess got bored so I had to find a new model


Photo 3 was an outdoor 3/4 shot
This is my favorite picture of the 5


Photo 4 was a picture of an animal showing their personality
This is Sam, my dad’s dog and he looks like this a lot, he likes to just lay around because he is getting pretty old


Photo 5 was an indoor photo shoot showing a persons personality using the background and props
Can you tell what she loves?

So now I am all finished with Unit 4 and stating my reading for Unit 5, I will post again when I get my reviews


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    • Thank you so much, I like the course I am learning a lot from it, I took it mostly because I love pictures and I have a pretty good DSLR and I wanted to learn to use it better, it is working, I can now change a lot of things in my pictures and shoot in manual mode, the class has also taught me how to make a picture look better just by positioning, the only drawback is there are a lot of things you learn about film and I do not use a film camera, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to know right?

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