We grew Vegetables and I didn’t kill them it’s a miracle


I have probably talked about how much I hate gardening, and how much my daughter loves it before.  Well I gave it a shot again this year in hopes she would actually get to pick some vegetables that she helped grow, and to my surprise, It’s working!

She was so happy to be able to pick and eat these tomatoes and green beans, and I was thrilled to see that all of the plants are still alive and thriving.  It’s a miracle, I swear I even killed a cactus once.  We have 3 teeny tiny cucumbers growing, lots of beans and tomatoes, and while there are no actual vegetables on the Acorn Squash, Zuchinni, and Cantaloupe, there are tons of flowers so I am taking that as a great sign.  Now if they could all just hurry up before we have to move away.


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