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DIY Dress bow holder


I see these all the time on Etsy and such and a friend had bought one for C, and after looking at it I figured hey I can do that!

bow holder1

bow holder

What you need:
Foam core board (big enough for the top of your dress)
ribbon (I used 3 different rolls for different colors)
1/2 yard of fabric
1 yard of tulle
small gems(optional)
hot glue gun

What to do:

Draw out the shape of the top of the dress onto the foam core board and cut it out with the blade
Flatten your fabric front side down and lay the dress cut out on top of it
Trace it onto the fabric twice using chalk(leaving about 2 inches of space around one of the patterns  for when you cut it out
Cut out the first piece you traced fabric(make sure to cut it about 2 inches away from your lines so you have enough to wrap around the back, except for at the bottom, cut that on the line)
Cut out the second piece on the lines
Cut your tulle into strips (there is no science you can cut as long or short as you want and as thick or thin as you want)
Using the glue gun glue the strips of tulle to the bottom of the foam core board dress cut out both on the back and front, again not a science you can use as little or as much as you want to make it thicker or thinner
Take your larger fabric cut out and lay it on the front of your core board lining up the bottom and wrap it around to the back(you may have to cut some tiny slits in the fabric near difficult areas so it wraps around smoothly
Glue the fabric onto the back, you can cut it some if pieces are too long(you do not want to much bunched up back there)
Take a piece of ribbon big enough to use as a hanger and glue it in a loop to the back of the foam core board cutout
Take your other piece of fabric cut out and line it up over the back of the foam core board dress cutout and glue in place
Cut your ribbon strips the same length as your tulle(I used 5 strips) and glue to the bottom of the dress piece
Now take ribbon and wrap it around the waistband(just to cover up the bottom area a little) cut where it meets and then use hot glue to glue in place

I used ribbon to make 3 medium sized bows and glued them along the waistline of the dress, then added a small jewel to the center of each
I then made to small bows and glued them to the shoulder area
Then I added a jewel to the middle top

And there you have it a dress bow holder for about $7

Pulled ear muscles and a flirty husband


Today I braved the Commissary on payday, which is a feat in itself, but what is the zoo of the commissary on pay day was nothing compared to the things that came out of my child’s mouth while we were there.

Besides the normal “I’m going to fart out my taco” (yes that’s normal) talk we had quite the evening of our son leaving us either laughing hysterically or completely speechless.

On the way there we were talking in the car, and out of the blue after I said something nice A goes “Holla”

I was like Oh shit, did they bring that whole Holla thing back? Apparently the answer is YES because all his friends say holla.

At the store A was acting like his crazy high strung self, running around and being loud, while I thought about hiding behind a wall of soda to escape the looks of strangers, when my husband tugged A’s ear…

A: “Oww that hurt”
The husband: “Seriously”
A: “Yes you tugged on my muscle, I think I got a pulled muscle now”
Me: “A pulled muscle in your ear?”
A: “Exactly”
Me: “Your ear doesn’t have any muscle”
A: (Very Loudly) “So what your butt has a muscle but your ear doesn’t?”
The husband: “Your butt is a muscle”
A: “I know, so your ear doesn’t have 1 single muscle?”
At this point the people around us are giggling to themselves
Me: “Oh for goodness sake your ear is cartilage not muscle”

Now for the next thing I have to give you a little back story: My husband happens to be one of those guys that totally flirts with girls, and he does it naturally, I have been telling him for years and he looks at me like I’m crazy.

We are walking out to our car and for those of you who don’t know at the Commissary someone brings your groceries to the car, it just happens that the person bringing our groceries out is a girl, and of course my husband turns into what appears to be a 14 year old boy trying to act cool to get a girl to notice him.  A, C and I are walking ahead of them…

A: “Mom he’s flirting with that girl”
Me: shhh
A: “seriously do you hear him?”
Me: shhhh
A: “you better watch out mom she’s gonna steal yo man”
Me: (trying not to fall over laughing) “I;m not worried now shhh”
A turns around looks at his dad and says “You better knock that off”
No reply NO nothing
A: “He’s still flirting”

At this point I can’t completely stifle my laughter and small giggles are escaping,

We get to the car load it up and I am standing outside smoking, I ask the husband if he heard any of what A was saying. He says no, so I fill him in, no wonder no reply he didn’t even hear him, now my husband is laughing and all like “Really?1?”

We get in the car and I tell A to tell him what he thought he was doing on the walk to the car, so A rehashes everything he says to me

The husband: “Is that so?”
A: “yea”
The husband laughs
A: “You do that almost every time there’s a girl”
The husband: “I do what”
A: “You act different when there is a girl around”
The husband: “I do that all the time?”
A: “Pretty much, especially when we go on post, that’s where you see the most girls that you talk to”

At this point I am dying laughing, while attempting to give him the I told you so look, The husband says he’ll work on that, all I’m saying is good job A, now he knows I am not crazy!


First day of middle school and kindergarten


I have one munchkin entering middle school and one entering elementary.  It’s was a pretty neat day for me.  The first time in a while I have had hours of silence, I am not complaining, and they had a pretty good day too, so I heard.

1st day of middle school

first day of Kinder

You can see C’s last interview from the end of PK Here

Sensory Balloons


This was a simple activity and the munchkins both enjoyed it:

You will need:
Ballons ( I do recommend you use bigger balloons because they will be easier to fill, but you can use whichever you prefer)
Different things to put into the balloons (Try to use a variety of different textures)

Things we used to fill the balloons:

  • oats
  • mini jingle bells
  • hair jell
  • liquid soap
  • water
  • dried beans
  • shredded paper
  • cotton
  • small stones
  • water beads
  • buttons
  • cut up foam paperFor the babies that I watched I just let them feel the balloons and play with them (of course this requires direct supervision)
    For C and A I had them try to guess what was in each balloonballons filled
  • balloons filled1
  • balloons filled2

Cheesecake Brownie bites


I found these in Family Circle magazine a long time ago, and tweeked the recipe a little, they are absolutely heavenly!

brownie cheesecake bar

You will need:

13×9 pan
cooking spray

For the Cheesecake:
1/4 cup cornstarch
24oz low fat cream cheese
3 eggs
3/4 cup sour cream
2/3 cup milk
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

For the Brownie
1 cup salted butter
6 oz unsweetened chocolate
1 3/4 cup sugar
4 eggs
1 3/4 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
12 ounces(1 bag) bittersweet chocolate chips

For the Whipped Cream:
1 small container of heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 tsp of vanilla extract

For the topping:
4 tablespoons of strawberry preserves(I used smuckers low sugar)
optional: sliced strawberries

What you need to do:

Heat oven to 350 degrees
Line a 13 x 9 x 2-inch baking pan with foil. Coat foil with nonstick cooking spray
Whisk cornstarch and sugar
Add cream cheese, beat until smooth.
add eggs, sour cream and milk, mix well,
add vanilla
In a different microwave safe bowl combine butter and chocolate. Microwave for 1 minute, 30 seconds, you can keep going in 30 second increments until smooth
Mix in sugar, then eggs
Mix in flour, baking powder and salt until smooth.
Stir in vanilla and chocolate chips

Spread Brownie batter in pan
Pour Cheesecake mixture over the brownie batter
Bake at 350 for 1 hour 5 minutes until the set
Cool at room temperature for about 1 1/2-2 hours
Cool in fridge for another 2 hours

Make the whipped cream: In a bowl beat heavy cream, sugar and vanilla until desired consistency

When it is all done cooling, cut into squares
Add a spoon full of strawberry preserves and a spoon of whipped cream on top of each one and serve


I’m a nut job and I got an award because of it!


Karen over at Dinosaur Superhero Mommy nominated me for this nutty award, and well who wouldn’t be honored to get passed a sack of nuts right?

Squirrely Blogger Award_thumb[1]

I need to divulge 7 to 10 quirky facts about myself and then name 7 to 10 bloggers who would be okay okay sharing quirky facts about themselves…I know they will all just love me for this…I mean chain mail is fun right? right? Oh come on at least the facts get to be a little nutty!

1.  I have a thing with leaving the closet doors open, I never really realized I did it until the husband pointed it out, and after giving it a lot of thought I have decided it is probably because I think the ghosts can’t hide in there if they are open..yea I am that kind of crazy

2. I say yo a LOT again it isn’t something I do on purpose, and I don’t notice it but my friends do so I have heard a time or 2

3.  When I am telling a story or venting and I stop but then remember I have something to add to it, I usually say PS, I have no idea why.

4. I almost always like the “bad” guys or the assholes in a show ex. Klaus from Vampire Diaries, Gordon Ramsey, Simon Cowell

5. I eat my sandwiches plain, just cheese and meat, the people at subway always look at me like I have horns growing from my head when I say no toppings or condiments, then they ask are you sure? Usually followed by you don’t want mustard(or some other topping) Oh ya know what now that you mentioned I do want something else…for you to stop asking stupid questions and wrap my PLAIN  sandwich up

6. I lose jewelry, and I do not mean I have lost one or two pieces, I could probably buy a used car with the amount of money I have lost in jewelry, that is just one of the reasons I wear a lot of the rubber bracelets now

7. Water has a taste and it drives me crazy when people say that it doesn’t…Oh so they sell 27 types of bottled water and people usually stick with a certain brand because they all taste like nothing.

8. I look in mirrors every chance I get, I’m not vain in the least but for some reason I can’t pass a mirror, or window or anything else reflective without looking in it

9.  I constantly make my husband switch bed sides with me at night, sometimes more than once a night, he is a good sport for doing it huh?

So which bloggers do I want to make a little more squirrely by passing this award on?

Don’t hate me, you aren’t obligated to do it, just know even if you don’t I think your a little nuts, and I like that way 😉

Our new apartment


As promised this is the big apartment reveal, I actually quite like it, but it is weird to think it will only be home for a few months

IMG_7050 IMG_7052

IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7057







We did C’s room in Soccer and she finally got her canopy bed which made us both pretty darn happy.
A’s room is in Ocean theme because it is one of his favorites.
Our room is elephants(my favorite), we are just waiting on our custom made elephant pillows for our bed to tie it all together.
The kitchen is wood, and green, orange, and yellow.
For the munchkins bathroom they chose frogs.
Our living room is maps, but we didn’t put up most of our wall hangings so the only map currently there is the globe bar table, which I love.
Of course we set up a craft corner.

I am against taking away my children’s right to self expression


When we were getting ready to move back to El paso I did some research on the schools my munchkins would be attending and I knew before hand that much to my dismay my son would be in a school with uniforms, but everything on the elementary website said C would not.  I just found out that for the first time this year her school is implementing uniforms.

I am 100% against school uniforms.  I believe it is unethical and takes away their rights to express themselves as individuals.

I have a hard time seeing any benefits from making students wear uniforms.  While people who are pro uniform will say it is done to stop bullying of children who can not afford name brand and designer clothes, or it is done to save parents money, I fail to see how.

Let’s address the whole bullying issue that so often gets brought up when debating school uniforms.  The only way that it would actually stop bullying is if students were made to wear the same brand pants, and shirts, as well as the same brand, style and color of shoes, backpacks, and supplies.  If not then you have 1 student going to school in let’s say khakis, a white polo, a Vera Bradley backpack and Nike Sneakers, and another student going to school in khakis, a white polo, a $4 backpack and Walmart sneakers.  How does this stop bullying?  Now let’s say they changed the rules and did as I suggested, everyone would now look like little robots, exactly alike and it would probably stop bullying over clothing, that is of course if no one sees the children on the weekend or after school, and that only stops bullying in one area.  Let’s be realistic kids can be cruel and if they want to pick on someone they will find a reason.  I grew up as a chubby girl, okay that is actually being nice to my previous self, I was a BIG girl in the last year of elementary and through middle school, Do you know what is completely unflattering for a BIG girl?, A white polo tucked into light khakis…If I would have been made to wear that I most likely would have skipped school often, if anything I think this creates a new reason for someone to be picked on, and someone please explain to me what having a tucked in shirt has to do with anything?

As far as saving money is concerned, let me tell you how much it costs if you can actually find a pair of khakis that fits the criteria of the school in Mens sizes, which is what my 6th grader wears, $30-$40 each,  I can almost guarantee it is much more than the pair of jeans I can buy at Fallas Paredes here in El paso or on 3rd Ave in the Bronx, and then add to it the custom logo shirts you are required to buy from the school, that last about 2 weeks before they start fraying, or the 500 new white shirts you have to buy because you just forced me to dress my kid in white and honestly you are probably doubling the amount I normally would pay, but we aren’t done yet, because we all know most parents also go out and buy their children outfits that are not uniforms to wear when they are not in school, so now you have tripled my cost for school clothes and all in the name of savings.

Plus schools these days are not stopping with what your children are or are not allowed to wear, they are also controlling, how your hair is cut, styled, and what color it can or can not be, rather or not you can have tattoos(including non permanent tattoos), which hats are or are not acceptable to wear during the winter(My son was told the last time he attended an El paso school that he could not wear his pikachu hat because it resembled a toy).  They are telling our children they can not wear makeup, and not that I am for young girls piling on makeup but seriously who are they to tell my child she can’t wear blush and lip gloss), even what nail polish is acceptable, if any nail polish is acceptable at all

My sons school this year even regulates that they can not have a pullover hoodie but can have a hoodie that zips up, however it must be unzipped once entering the school(so if he is cold too bad?), and he is also not allowed to wear shorts at all (did I mention it is currently still reaching triple digits here?)

I just think that schools are going overboard and no one is standing up and doing anything about it for fear of our children being the outcast.

Sound off…what do you think? For or against school uniforms? Why?

Who’s there? DADDY!


Even though we did an extremely long car ride to get home C didn’t know that Daddy would be here when we got here.  She knew he was coming soon, but that was about it, so when we first got here we had her knock on the door and I videotaped her reaction.  It was kind of funny because she froze for a couple seconds like she couldn’t process what was going on.

A did know Dad was going to be here, and he was also excited to see him, although he was also pretty darn excited to get reunited with all of his toys, to be honest C was too! After having them in storage for 9 1/2 months it was like Christmas in August for them.

A long trip


I have barely had a minute to check out the blogs I normally read, or partake in the link parties I usually join this last week, because I spent most of it on the road.

The trip from NY to TX was a long one for sure.  For some reason it felt even longer this time around, maybe it is because I have already done the trip 5 times and there isn’t much left to see that I haven’t already seen.

We did get to take the munchkins to a safari in Oklahoma(Arbuckle Wilderness Park) which was nice because it broke up the monotony of the trip.

Camel cow Donkey llama

The camel ended up stealing my entire cup of food, I wasn’t thrilled, but it was funny, I guess he was pretty hungry.  There were Llamas everywhere, and they loved to eat so they had no problem coming up to the car and sticking their heads in.  The Donkeys would literally walk up and open their mouths just like this so you could toss the food in.  There was a lot of great animals to see and we had so much fun, It would have been nice to see the walk through section, but we didn’t want to take too much more time, and we had the cat in the car.

We were able to find hotels pretty easily and they were pretty nice, except the very last one we stayed in.  That hotel was shady, I was pretty positive my roof bag was going to be missing in the morning and I was going to have a new rash.  The room was AWFUL, and there were like 5 parties going on outside, but there wasn’t a lot of options and it was 11pm.  Had I seen the room before we unloaded everything I probably would have just kept going on fumes and finished the drive home, but my munchkins were happy to be out of the car, as was the cat and when I even brought up getting back in drama ensued, so at the shady hotel we stayed. As you can see we survived, and bonus I didn’t get a rash 🙂

The cat was amazing on the trip again, she just sleeps the whole drive, the munchkins on the other hand didn’t sleep a single minute in the car.  Overall they were pretty good though considering.  By the time we got home we were all exhausted, and completely over being in the car, there was a point in Illinois where I was pretty sure I just wanted to live there so I wouldn’t have to drive anymore, thank goodness I kept going though because the look on my daughters face when she seen Daddy for the first time since last November was absolutely worth the 4 1/2 days in the car.  I will be posting all about homecoming and the new house soon!