Simple Summer Dinner and Dessert


Who loves to eat? You? Me too!  Who has extra time? No not you? Me either!

That is why this meal is so perfect, it’s quick, easy and delicious.

First Course:
meat and cheese salad

A Simple Salad:
Here’s what’s in it:
Iceberg lettuce
Black Olives
(we added croutons as well but didn’t get a picture of that)

Then after a light dinner you deserve a dessert, Am I right?

icecream cookie sandwich

The Simple DIY ice cream sandwich

Here’s what you do:
Bake your favorite Chocolate Chip cookies, or use the refrigerated dough, or heck if you are really short on time you can even use the soft baked already made chocolate chip cookies

If you baked them, be sure to let them cool

Fill with your favorite vanilla ice cream of frozen yogurt

And there you have it a dinner and dessert in just a few minutes 🙂 ENJOY!


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  1. So simple and easy. You’re sure right we rarely have time to do a full meal. This looks delicious and I love that quick and easy ice-cream sandwich. Thanks for sharing. Hope you’re having a happy Saturday!

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