Thanksgiving Magnets and a Door Hanger


So between starting a business and being allergic to El Paso, which I am pretty much convinced of(I have been sick almost continuously since I have been here) I have been seriously slacking on my blog, and I have also been continuously promising that I will not be anymore, let’s hope this time it will actually happen and my blog will start being updated much more often.

Now since it is almost Thanksgiving I wanted to share a couple more crafts with you.


Here’s what you’ll need:

-Foam Paper
-Magnet Strips
-Puff Balls(I know they are called something else but for the life of me I can’t think of it and googling puff balls only proved that other people apparently call them puff balls as well)

Here’s what to do:
-Trace your child’s hand print onto foam paper
-Cute it out
-Cut out a gobbler, nose and legs out of foam paper
-Glue puff balls onto the finger tips
-Glue a googly eye onto the thumb
-Glue Legs, gobbler and nose on
-Let Dry
-When it is dry turn over and glue a magnet strip to the back

Turkey magnets

The 2nd thing is a Thanksgiving door hanger

What you need:
-Table cloth
-Paint Brushes
-leaves or any other decorations you may want to include

What to do:
Measure the door and cut the table cloth to preferred size
Lay flat on a table or floor
Let the kids decorate with paint, leaves, or anything else
Hang on your door and enjoy
Thankful door hanger thankful door hanger1 thankful door hanger2

I will be back tomorrow with one more Thanksgiving craft you don’t want to miss, so don’t forget to stop by


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