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Thankful Garland


This may be one of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts of all time, I love that it looks pretty, is easy and it has meaning.

Thankful Garland:

What you need:
*Foam leaves
*Sewing needle
*Permanent Marker

What to do:
*Have each person of the family write what they are thankful for on the foam leaves(how many each person writes depends on the number of people in your family and the size of garland you want)
*On one leaf write :”We are Thankful for: then leave 2 leaves blank
*Use your needle and thread to thread the leaves together starting and ending with the blank leaves and putting the I am thankful for leaf right after the first blank leaf,  in a straight line, leaving the thread loose enough for the garland to bend a little(make sure to tie off the ends)
*Hang up

thankful garland

As an added bonus you can then spend time discussing the things you are thankful for and why.

Thanksgiving Magnets and a Door Hanger


So between starting a business and being allergic to El Paso, which I am pretty much convinced of(I have been sick almost continuously since I have been here) I have been seriously slacking on my blog, and I have also been continuously promising that I will not be anymore, let’s hope this time it will actually happen and my blog will start being updated much more often.

Now since it is almost Thanksgiving I wanted to share a couple more crafts with you.


Here’s what you’ll need:

-Foam Paper
-Magnet Strips
-Puff Balls(I know they are called something else but for the life of me I can’t think of it and googling puff balls only proved that other people apparently call them puff balls as well)

Here’s what to do:
-Trace your child’s hand print onto foam paper
-Cute it out
-Cut out a gobbler, nose and legs out of foam paper
-Glue puff balls onto the finger tips
-Glue a googly eye onto the thumb
-Glue Legs, gobbler and nose on
-Let Dry
-When it is dry turn over and glue a magnet strip to the back

Turkey magnets

The 2nd thing is a Thanksgiving door hanger

What you need:
-Table cloth
-Paint Brushes
-leaves or any other decorations you may want to include

What to do:
Measure the door and cut the table cloth to preferred size
Lay flat on a table or floor
Let the kids decorate with paint, leaves, or anything else
Hang on your door and enjoy
Thankful door hanger thankful door hanger1 thankful door hanger2

I will be back tomorrow with one more Thanksgiving craft you don’t want to miss, so don’t forget to stop by

Turkey Thanksgiving Craft



This is a pretty simple craft that is lots of fun and cute to display for thanksgiving

All you need is construction paper, feathers, glue and crayons (we got our feathers at the dollar tree)

  1. Cut 2 circles out of brown(or you could use white) construction paper)
  2. Take a piece of construction paper and glue down some feathers (no exact amount whatever you think looks good
  3. Glue your biggest circle so that the top of the circle is covering the bottom of the feathers
  4. Glue your smaller circle above the bigger one overlapping slightly
  5. cut 2 triangles out of orange construction paper and 2 gobblers out of red and glue on the head to create the face
  6. Draw on your eyes, and your legs

    Now hang your Turkeys on the wall, or fridge and enjoy!


Halloween Sensory Bin


As most of you already know we love sensory bins and and holidays around here so this activity was perfect:

Halloween Sensory bin

What you need:
A Bin
Epsom salt
Orange food coloring
Plastic halloween toys(bats, spiders, snakes, bugs, eyeballs, ect)

What to do:
Fill the bin with epsom salt
Add a few drops of orange food coloring (C wanted hers to be light orange so if you want it darker just add more)
Mix until all of the epsom salt is orange
Throw in the plastic toys and mix up so your munchkin can dig through the salt and find them

Mason Jar Jack o Lantern Halloween Craft


We did the Ghost Mason Jar Craft I posted previously last year, so this year my munchkins wanted to paint mason jars and make lanterns again and we decided to do Jack O Lanterns this time.  Still cute, a little less see through, but the munchkins love seeing them outside and in the window.

What you need:
Mason Jar
Orange paint (we used acrylic, but should have probably used glass I think it would have looked better)
Black permanent marker, or black paint
flame-less candles

What to do:
Paint the outside of your jar orange (use only 1 coat if you happen to use acrylic paint or it won’t be very see through)
Let dry
Once it is dry use your marker or paint to put a jack o lantern face on it
Drop in a flame-less candle

Viola all done!

IMG_7803 IMG_7805 IMG_7806

Halloween critters craft


These were super fun to make and I loved that it was something different than your normal pumpkin, spider, bat, ghost, witch project 🙂

What you need:
Styrofoam cups
Paint(we used acrylic)
pipe cleaners
Googly eyes(optional, you could also use paint)

What to do:
Paint your cup however you want your critter to look
halloween critters
Allow to dry
Paint your mouth and nose on if your critter is going to have one
halloween critters1
Glue or paint on eyes
Stick pipe cleaners through the foam cups where you want the legs to be
Embellish your critter(optional)
We used pipe cleaners as hat edges, tails, and ears, we added gem stickers on some, you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like

halloween critters6

halloween critters7

Ghost Windsock Halloween Craft


Who’s ready for another ghost craft? I promise the next one will not involve ghosts lol, but this one is so fun and you don’t need a lot to make it so I wanted to share.

What you need:
Rectangle White Foam paper(you will want it to be a larger piece)
Black Marker
Glue(we used glue sticks)
Trash Bags(white)
Something to hang it up by(we used pipe cleaners, you could also use yarn, string ect)

What to do:
1. Cut trash bags into long strips(they do not have to be even)

2. Apply glue along the bottom edge of the foam paper

3. Stick the pieces of trash bag to the glue so they are hanging down length wise

4.Draw a ghost face in the center of your white foam paper

5.  Fold the foam paper and glue the 2 edges together(to form a sphere)

6. Add a hanger(we used pipe cleaners and put holes in the sides to attach it)

310868_1866974492586_1216178220_n 308834_1866973492561_873631051_n

Ghost Mason Jars Halloween craft


This is another relatively simple craft that can be done by most ages and looks super cute inside or sitting outside with your jack o lanterns

What you need:
Mason  Jar
White paint
Black paint or permanent marker
flame-less candle or battery operated lights

What to do:
Remove the lid from the mason jar
Paint the outside of your mason jar white and let dry
Once it is dry use black paint or a permanent marker to draw a face on (As you can see one of my munchkins wanted their ghost to be a dog)
Put the flame-less candle or lights into your jar and enjoy

I love this craft because it will last for years to come.

Glue Ghosts Halloween Craft


This is a simple and fun Halloween Craft 


Here’s What you need:
Foam paper
googly eyes 
wax paper

Here’s what you do:
cut felt to look like bow ties and buttons 
Lay out a sheet of wax paper
Squeeze glue onto it in the shape of a ghost
add googly eyes
add bow tie and buttons
Let Dry, when it is completely dry you can pull away the wax paper and have just the ghosts

After drying the ghosts will be a little more transparent, we hung ours in a window 🙂 

glue ghosts glue ghosts1