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A Ninjago Surprise Party


On our trip to NYC A got another birthday party, it was a surprise party that his Grandpa, Grandma, and Titi did for him.  And did I mention they did a great job.  Titi’s crafty skills are on point 😉 The theme was ninjago which he was happy about because it is one of his favorite shows.

I helped cut the triangles out, and glued them to ribbon, Titi found the lettering and bought the eyes to print on etsy

NINJAGO1The favor bags, and food complete with mini ninja’s

She put eyes on the party bags and the plates 🙂

NINJAGO2She even put eyes on the balloons

NINHAGO4The pinata
his Titi hand made this out of a print out, cereal box and tissue paper….don’t we all wish our Aunts were this awesome 🙂

NINJAGO 3The Birthday boy complete with ninja headband and ninja cake

This went wondefully 🙂 Thank you so much to those who helped create the party and those who attended it!

Honeybee flower party


I live for birthday parties, seriously I love them, and I go crazy on them because I love them.  That doesn’t always mean I spend a ton, a lot of things can be done for very little.
For my daughters 3rd birthday I asked her what she wanted on her cake so I could plan her party around that. She told me she wanted a bee and a flower, and so the honeybee flower party was created
I wanted to share with you guys a few ideas that we used.
We bought a bee stamp and then dollar store cups and napkins and stamped each one, then bought just color matching plates and silverware
I made Honey bee peanut butter and honey sandwiches(if you are throwing a party that involves children under one, you could just use another type of sandwich but the honey and peanut butter went cute with the theme)
To do this I purchased a bee hive cookie cutter (you can find them all over etsy), and sugar bees sold at Hobby Lobby or Michaels
I then used the cookie cutter to cut all of the bread, and proceeded to use the bee hive shaped bread to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches

flower and bee party4

when I was done I added a sugar bee to each one
flower and bee party1

I made the cake myself, it is all icing, except for the flowers which are fondant and I used the Wilton mini teddy bear pan to make the bee
flower and bee party3

I also cut all of the fruit in the shape of flowers using a flower cookie cutter

Flower and Bee party

The party was a huge hit, hope you enjoy the ideas. And if you haven’t seen it, check out the art birthday party we did here and the ocean theme party here

C’s 5th birthday party Art Party


For C’s 5th Birthday we did an Art party.  It turned out great, the munchkins had a lot of fun.
We did make your own bracelets, painting wooden figures, make your own bookmarks, and playdoh.
For food we had paint chips(potato chips)
Fruit Salad(taste the Rainbow)
Paintbrush crispy treats
Vegetables and Cheese, crackers and pepperoni(Starving Artist)
Juices and Sodas(Creative Juices)
She decorated her own fondant cake with edible markers and I made 48 cupcakes with sprinkles
Then we had a crayon box pinata

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