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She drew WHAT??? Am I…oh my..yes I think I am


So last night I was tucking Miss C into bed when I noticed a paper on the floor.  I picked it up and it was a picture she drew, so I asked her what it was and she said she drew it at school. I must admit the picture had me a little confused:

As soon as I looked at it funny she started to clear up the confusion:
C: Don’t worry Mommy I will put pants on you, Don’t look at that
C: Uhhh I told you not to look at it
Me: Wait what is that?
C: gets close to my ear and whispers “that’s your pee pee”
Now I have to confess my tired butt didn’t even see the lovely yellow part until:
C: don’t worry I will change that to water
Me: Wait What? AM I PEEING?
C: Uhh it’s okay mommy I will make a bowl and it will just look like you are pouring water

I wonder what her teacher thought of this lovely drawing of her mommy, or how many friends snickered when she said Mommy is peeing….and just look at that hoohaa I have…that doesn’t look right…I swear it’s a hoohaa…stop laughing people!
I also have to wonder who all the little girls in the picture are….and is that a radio with music notes? So if I have it right I was having a dance party, rocking out to the music and peed all over…

And this is how my daughter sees me? A party girl who can’t control her bladder….Thanks C Thanks…but that was many years ago 😉


Pulled ear muscles and a flirty husband


Today I braved the Commissary on payday, which is a feat in itself, but what is the zoo of the commissary on pay day was nothing compared to the things that came out of my child’s mouth while we were there.

Besides the normal “I’m going to fart out my taco” (yes that’s normal) talk we had quite the evening of our son leaving us either laughing hysterically or completely speechless.

On the way there we were talking in the car, and out of the blue after I said something nice A goes “Holla”

I was like Oh shit, did they bring that whole Holla thing back? Apparently the answer is YES because all his friends say holla.

At the store A was acting like his crazy high strung self, running around and being loud, while I thought about hiding behind a wall of soda to escape the looks of strangers, when my husband tugged A’s ear…

A: “Oww that hurt”
The husband: “Seriously”
A: “Yes you tugged on my muscle, I think I got a pulled muscle now”
Me: “A pulled muscle in your ear?”
A: “Exactly”
Me: “Your ear doesn’t have any muscle”
A: (Very Loudly) “So what your butt has a muscle but your ear doesn’t?”
The husband: “Your butt is a muscle”
A: “I know, so your ear doesn’t have 1 single muscle?”
At this point the people around us are giggling to themselves
Me: “Oh for goodness sake your ear is cartilage not muscle”

Now for the next thing I have to give you a little back story: My husband happens to be one of those guys that totally flirts with girls, and he does it naturally, I have been telling him for years and he looks at me like I’m crazy.

We are walking out to our car and for those of you who don’t know at the Commissary someone brings your groceries to the car, it just happens that the person bringing our groceries out is a girl, and of course my husband turns into what appears to be a 14 year old boy trying to act cool to get a girl to notice him.  A, C and I are walking ahead of them…

A: “Mom he’s flirting with that girl”
Me: shhh
A: “seriously do you hear him?”
Me: shhhh
A: “you better watch out mom she’s gonna steal yo man”
Me: (trying not to fall over laughing) “I;m not worried now shhh”
A turns around looks at his dad and says “You better knock that off”
No reply NO nothing
A: “He’s still flirting”

At this point I can’t completely stifle my laughter and small giggles are escaping,

We get to the car load it up and I am standing outside smoking, I ask the husband if he heard any of what A was saying. He says no, so I fill him in, no wonder no reply he didn’t even hear him, now my husband is laughing and all like “Really?1?”

We get in the car and I tell A to tell him what he thought he was doing on the walk to the car, so A rehashes everything he says to me

The husband: “Is that so?”
A: “yea”
The husband laughs
A: “You do that almost every time there’s a girl”
The husband: “I do what”
A: “You act different when there is a girl around”
The husband: “I do that all the time?”
A: “Pretty much, especially when we go on post, that’s where you see the most girls that you talk to”

At this point I am dying laughing, while attempting to give him the I told you so look, The husband says he’ll work on that, all I’m saying is good job A, now he knows I am not crazy!


First day of middle school and kindergarten


I have one munchkin entering middle school and one entering elementary.  It’s was a pretty neat day for me.  The first time in a while I have had hours of silence, I am not complaining, and they had a pretty good day too, so I heard.

1st day of middle school

first day of Kinder

You can see C’s last interview from the end of PK Here

I am against taking away my children’s right to self expression


When we were getting ready to move back to El paso I did some research on the schools my munchkins would be attending and I knew before hand that much to my dismay my son would be in a school with uniforms, but everything on the elementary website said C would not.  I just found out that for the first time this year her school is implementing uniforms.

I am 100% against school uniforms.  I believe it is unethical and takes away their rights to express themselves as individuals.

I have a hard time seeing any benefits from making students wear uniforms.  While people who are pro uniform will say it is done to stop bullying of children who can not afford name brand and designer clothes, or it is done to save parents money, I fail to see how.

Let’s address the whole bullying issue that so often gets brought up when debating school uniforms.  The only way that it would actually stop bullying is if students were made to wear the same brand pants, and shirts, as well as the same brand, style and color of shoes, backpacks, and supplies.  If not then you have 1 student going to school in let’s say khakis, a white polo, a Vera Bradley backpack and Nike Sneakers, and another student going to school in khakis, a white polo, a $4 backpack and Walmart sneakers.  How does this stop bullying?  Now let’s say they changed the rules and did as I suggested, everyone would now look like little robots, exactly alike and it would probably stop bullying over clothing, that is of course if no one sees the children on the weekend or after school, and that only stops bullying in one area.  Let’s be realistic kids can be cruel and if they want to pick on someone they will find a reason.  I grew up as a chubby girl, okay that is actually being nice to my previous self, I was a BIG girl in the last year of elementary and through middle school, Do you know what is completely unflattering for a BIG girl?, A white polo tucked into light khakis…If I would have been made to wear that I most likely would have skipped school often, if anything I think this creates a new reason for someone to be picked on, and someone please explain to me what having a tucked in shirt has to do with anything?

As far as saving money is concerned, let me tell you how much it costs if you can actually find a pair of khakis that fits the criteria of the school in Mens sizes, which is what my 6th grader wears, $30-$40 each,  I can almost guarantee it is much more than the pair of jeans I can buy at Fallas Paredes here in El paso or on 3rd Ave in the Bronx, and then add to it the custom logo shirts you are required to buy from the school, that last about 2 weeks before they start fraying, or the 500 new white shirts you have to buy because you just forced me to dress my kid in white and honestly you are probably doubling the amount I normally would pay, but we aren’t done yet, because we all know most parents also go out and buy their children outfits that are not uniforms to wear when they are not in school, so now you have tripled my cost for school clothes and all in the name of savings.

Plus schools these days are not stopping with what your children are or are not allowed to wear, they are also controlling, how your hair is cut, styled, and what color it can or can not be, rather or not you can have tattoos(including non permanent tattoos), which hats are or are not acceptable to wear during the winter(My son was told the last time he attended an El paso school that he could not wear his pikachu hat because it resembled a toy).  They are telling our children they can not wear makeup, and not that I am for young girls piling on makeup but seriously who are they to tell my child she can’t wear blush and lip gloss), even what nail polish is acceptable, if any nail polish is acceptable at all

My sons school this year even regulates that they can not have a pullover hoodie but can have a hoodie that zips up, however it must be unzipped once entering the school(so if he is cold too bad?), and he is also not allowed to wear shorts at all (did I mention it is currently still reaching triple digits here?)

I just think that schools are going overboard and no one is standing up and doing anything about it for fear of our children being the outcast.

Sound off…what do you think? For or against school uniforms? Why?

Who’s there? DADDY!


Even though we did an extremely long car ride to get home C didn’t know that Daddy would be here when we got here.  She knew he was coming soon, but that was about it, so when we first got here we had her knock on the door and I videotaped her reaction.  It was kind of funny because she froze for a couple seconds like she couldn’t process what was going on.

A did know Dad was going to be here, and he was also excited to see him, although he was also pretty darn excited to get reunited with all of his toys, to be honest C was too! After having them in storage for 9 1/2 months it was like Christmas in August for them.

Those are not the man and woman I grew up with


Do you ever find yourself staring at your parents as they interact with your children wondering just where in the hell those people came from? They certainly are not the same people who raised you.  Those people meant business, they didn’t mess around, you messed up you got your ass beat, and speaking of, they considered it messing up if you flew down the stairs in one of their laundry baskets, or colored on their walls.  Yet you just watched your child throw a ball and knock down their favorite lamp sending it crashing into the wall, causing a small hole to appear, and thought to yourself, UHOH you are gonna get it small child, and then the next minute you are standing there with your mouth on the ground trying to figure out if your parents have started taking high doses of happy pills since you’ve grown up,  watching them with unbelieving eyes as they clean up broken glass and assure their precious grandchild that accidents happen.
How are you suppose to have any credibility when your child back talks you, or dumps 4 bottles of brand new expensive shampoo and body wash all over the bathroom floor and you tell them “You’re lucky you aren’t me, my mom would have whooped my ass for that and my dad would have had me mowing the lawn for 2 weeks to pay for the soap I ruined?”

Then I seen this and It made perfect sense:

So this is what I sound like


When my daughter plays with her dolls, I get a chance to see what I sound like every day

From the other room I hear:

We do not hit our brother

I know he hurt your feelings when he said that but you need to use your words, we don’t be viowent

Well you need to say sorry if you do it again you go in time out

Humming and general chit chat

HEY! I said we do not hit our brother, were you listening?

Ok time out

You have to stay or it doesn’t count

Okay you can get up now, go say 3 nice things to your brother

talking to another which I assume is brother baby:
Now say 3 nice things to your sister for hurting her feelings

That doesn’t count, that’s not nice


Quiet for a couple minutes






Your sausage is fine, no pun intended


Your sausage was just fine, no need to get your panties in a bunch!

I was in the grocery store yesterday looking for some meat for dinner, I had my niece and my son with me and we were all pretty much examining the meat to see if anything looked good.  A was poking at a package of Turkey Sausage, and I was telling him not to poke it hard and break the package and at that very moment I heard someone yell loud enough to make me jump.  Now between having 2 munchkins and running an in home daycare, I know a thing or 2 about loud noises and they usually have no effect on me, so this guy must have yelled pretty damn loud.  I turned around and realized he was yelling at my child…Seriously?  Apparently he was concerned that A was going to poke holes in his packages…so he yells YO! DON’T! STOP TOUCHING MY MEAT BOY, YOU ARE GONNA POKE HOLES IN IT!!!! Now I am all for someone asking nicely, I can totally understand that you do not want holes in all the packages, but seriously was it necessary to scream at someone else’s child rather than attempt to be polite about it?  At first I was going to let it go, until I walked by the guy on my way to get corn on the cob and he thought it would be a good idea to mumble something under his breath when I walked by.  Okay guess what if you think you scare me, you are sorely mistaken, and if you think I am going to just ignore you, well my maturity level tends to dip a little when you don’t even have the balls to say what you want loud enough for me to hear it.  It was at this point that I swung around and proceeded to get in a pretty big fight with the meat guy.  Whom at the end asked me to put my guns away(no I was not seriously packing…just a figure of speech I guess) so I was going to just finish my shopping, and then I hear my niece say something not so nice, and containing the F word…Later I asked her why, considering I am the one who loves the F word and I had managed not to say it or any other “bad” words throughout the argument.  Her response is exactly why I love her “He gave you a dirty look when you turned around!” I am betting the meat man had no idea when he first decided to be Billy Bad Ass to a 12 year old, what he was getting himself into.  When it was all said and done, I realized A had went and hid 3 aisles over…apparently me yelling and protecting him somehow embarrasses  him, go figure!


The July trip to NYC


I always love visiting NYC, I love the atmosphere and I love the company.  This time it was all about the things my Daddy wanted to experience since he was along for the trip.

Day 1 we decided on Coney Island since he had not been there before. I am never quite sure why he wants to visit beaches since he doesn’t actually go in the water, but I never question it because well I want to go to the beach anyway 🙂

I was able to get a few cool shots of the rocks and seagulls, total added bonus 🙂

Day 2 we went to Times Square to the Toys R Us, the munchkins each got to pick a toy from PAPA and C was really excited because it was the first time we got the My little pony car on the wheel.
pony ride
Then we headed over to Rockefeller Center and went to the Lego Store

The munchkins loved filling up their buckets with hand picked legos

After that we stopped by the NBC Experience Store and A was delighted that they had the chair from The Voice

When we got back that night we had A’s Ninjago Surprise Party

My dad and I left the next day and the munchkins stayed with Grandpa and Grandma, It was rough leaving them because I barely do it, but I know they are having a great time, and I am just looking forward to picking them up and spending another week in the city with family

We grew Vegetables and I didn’t kill them it’s a miracle


I have probably talked about how much I hate gardening, and how much my daughter loves it before.  Well I gave it a shot again this year in hopes she would actually get to pick some vegetables that she helped grow, and to my surprise, It’s working!

She was so happy to be able to pick and eat these tomatoes and green beans, and I was thrilled to see that all of the plants are still alive and thriving.  It’s a miracle, I swear I even killed a cactus once.  We have 3 teeny tiny cucumbers growing, lots of beans and tomatoes, and while there are no actual vegetables on the Acorn Squash, Zuchinni, and Cantaloupe, there are tons of flowers so I am taking that as a great sign.  Now if they could all just hurry up before we have to move away.