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Dirty Bath


C loves when we mix bath time up with sensory time, and so do I because it makes clean up so much easier! For this activity I used about 1/2 cup already brewed coffee ground, a 1/4 cup fresh coffee grounds, and 2 cups of instant coffee grounds then added in some gardening tools, stones, lizards and a pine cone

1I let C get in with her clothes on with no water in the bath first, but a full watering can if you want an easier cleanup let them play naked 🙂
We were cleaned up within 5 minutes though and she had covered the bathtub walls with it

Can’t I take just 1 bath alone


I ask myself this question every week, I ask her this question every week, she always says yes…but apparently the time hasn’t came yet for my 1 bath alone….If I could go back I would appreciate baths alone much much more than I ever did before I had children

Do you remember the days when you could actually sit in a bath for more than 5 minutes, the days when a little urchin did not weasel there way into at least the bathroom and more often than not into your water, Sharing seriously sucks some times..this is one of those times

My bath was not so relaxing:
Me: C I am gonna go take a bath can you behave?
C: Yup, hey can I take a bath with you?
Me: No C you just had a bath and mommy would really like to take one on her own tonight
C: Can I come in and talk to you
Me: I guess so
C: *goes into bathroom* Hey do you want to play with my toys in the bath
Me: Thanks for offering but I would like my bath to be toy free, so lets keep the toys out of the bath okay
C: OkaY

She then proceeds to put toys in my bath, tries to help me wash gets her shirt soaked(I repeatedly ask her to stop and tell her I don’t want her all wet) She then removes her shirt
Me: What are you doing?
C: You said you didn’t want me getting wet, my shirt was already wet


She then proceeds to take the rest of her clothes off
Me: Umm what are you doing now
C: You need help I am gonna get in
Me; No th…..*Yup that is all I got out before she got in

I finish my sentence by saying that I asked her not to get in my bath

She then hops out stepping all over her clothes and soaking them

Me: Ya know what just get it in it is too late now, I appreciate your listening(I think my sarcasm is lost on her)
I get out
“Enjoy your bath C”

Next thing I know she is out of the bath and crying….wait a minute shouldn’t I be crying?!?

WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS CRYING WHEN YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT? I mean I get the whole crying when they don’t get their way but come on, now she cries when she does get her way, and do you know why? Because I hurt her feelings when I got out of the bath…..Ok pain in my ass…you hurt my feelings when you ruined my perfectly relaxing bath, how about that? (and for the critics, of course I did not actually say that, I am usually pretty good at keeping my thoughts from coming out of my mouth when it comes to my children)