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A Ninjago Surprise Party


On our trip to NYC A got another birthday party, it was a surprise party that his Grandpa, Grandma, and Titi did for him.  And did I mention they did a great job.  Titi’s crafty skills are on point 😉 The theme was ninjago which he was happy about because it is one of his favorite shows.

I helped cut the triangles out, and glued them to ribbon, Titi found the lettering and bought the eyes to print on etsy

NINJAGO1The favor bags, and food complete with mini ninja’s

She put eyes on the party bags and the plates 🙂

NINJAGO2She even put eyes on the balloons

NINHAGO4The pinata
his Titi hand made this out of a print out, cereal box and tissue paper….don’t we all wish our Aunts were this awesome 🙂

NINJAGO 3The Birthday boy complete with ninja headband and ninja cake

This went wondefully 🙂 Thank you so much to those who helped create the party and those who attended it!


Ocean Birthday Party


We celebrated A’s 12th birthday party early this year because there is so much going on this summer.  His birthday is July 19th, but we had his party June 16th, I was concerned that not many would show because it was also Father’s Day, but that proved not to be an issue and the turn out was great.  I had been nervous all week that it would rain, since that is all it has been doing around here lately.  The good news was it didn’t rain until almost the end, and everything was already pretty much done,  however I should have been more concerned with wind.  It started out with presents falling over and the tablecloths blowing around despite the fact that we had put 100 pieces of tape on them and the tables, then the napkin weight was even too light for the wind, and the napkins went flying, so I had to store them in my car.  For paper plates we had to put the open ones on the bottom to stop them from ending up on the ground, and then I had a mini heart attack when the top tier of my cupcake flower blew off, sending cupcakes flying to the ground and leaving trails of bright blue icing.  The biggest shock came when I opened the 3 sheet pizzas and found out that they had forgotten to cut them, Can you imagine how fun it was to cut sheet pizzas with a plastic knife…not much.  The good news was that most of the disasters happened before guests arrived, and the rest of the party went off without a hitch.

We did an Ocean theme, which is one of A’s favorite things, he wants to be a Marine Biologist when he grows up.

Let’s start with the cake, I knew as soon as he said that he wanted an Ocean theme, I wanted to make a sandcastle cake

I added some sugar cookies cut to look like sand dollars, and the gummy sharks just added color which I liked
I knew that would never be enough cake to feed everyone so along came the cupcake tower

You see the top tier that is the one that went flying off, Good thing I got a picture first because it never went back up

For C’s party  I made paintbrushes out of crispy treats, and I knew I wanted to do something special for A too, that is the idea that yielded the fishy pops

Fishy pops

I loved how they turned out, and while I thought the were overly sweet they got ate up quickly so I guess sweet is good

To stay with the sweet theme, and adding some salty I did the goldfish bowl bar

Of course we needed some “real” food too

Both my munchkins love pinatas, we have them for almost every party and this one was not the exception

The Birthday Boy was pleased and that’s what matters most 🙂
This is him pretending to blow out the candles, yea I forgot to mention that, but the wind wouldn’t allow us to actually light the candles, but he was a good sport.

What’s your favorite part of the party?