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Delicious filling in just a few minutes


I love filling in cake, it makes it taste so much better, and I tend to get bored easily so I am always looking for new fillings.  This filling is chocolate strawberry
chocolate strawberry filling

What you’ll need:
A package of instant chocolate pudding
Fresh Strawberries

What to do:

It’s pretty self explanatory but in case you must have the directions, ya just make the pudding according to the package directions and let it get firm, then slice up strawberries, mix them into the pudding and put smack dab in the middle of your cake!

Easy Peasy! Enjoy

Quick Easy Memorial Day Dessert


My munchkins and I are going up to my sisters to have a BBQ with the family, and I always like to have a special red, white, and blue dessert on Memorial Day, so I whipped up this simple parfait


 What you need:
Angel food cake, either home made or from the grocery store
1 pint of blueberries
2 pints of Strawberries
Cool Whip(I used extra creamy)

What to do:

Chunk up your angel food cake
Wash and Dice strawberries
Wash Blueberries
In a large bowl :
Layer 1- Angel Food Cake(1/2 of it)
Layer 2- Cool Whip(thin layer enough to cover the cake so it doesn’t get soggy from the fruit)
Layer 3-Diced Strawberries
Layer 4- Angel Food Cake (the rest)
Layer 5- Cool Whip (again enough to cover the cake)
Layer 6- Blueberries