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Simple DIY Egg Mcmuffin


This morning I had an Egg Mcmuffin for breakfast since we are travelling and I love Egg Mucmuffins, however I am not big on getting up and leaving the house super early, spending a small fortune on breakfast, or all the additives that are put in those delectable Mcdonalds Egg Mcmuffins, which is why I prefer to make my own at home 🙂

You will need:
English Muffin(s)
Slice of cheese for each ( I like to use cheddar)
Cooked ham of some sort for each

What to do:

Crack your eggs into a greased muffin tin
Cook at 350 degrees for approximately 15-20 minutes
Toast your english muffin and open your cheese
Place ham on a backing sheet or dish
About 2 minutes before the egg is done put the ham in the oven

No put your ham, cheese, and egg on your english muffin and Enjoy the goodness!

egg mcmuffin