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DIY Dress bow holder


I see these all the time on Etsy and such and a friend had bought one for C, and after looking at it I figured hey I can do that!

bow holder1

bow holder

What you need:
Foam core board (big enough for the top of your dress)
ribbon (I used 3 different rolls for different colors)
1/2 yard of fabric
1 yard of tulle
small gems(optional)
hot glue gun

What to do:

Draw out the shape of the top of the dress onto the foam core board and cut it out with the blade
Flatten your fabric front side down and lay the dress cut out on top of it
Trace it onto the fabric twice using chalk(leaving about 2 inches of space around one of the patterns  for when you cut it out
Cut out the first piece you traced fabric(make sure to cut it about 2 inches away from your lines so you have enough to wrap around the back, except for at the bottom, cut that on the line)
Cut out the second piece on the lines
Cut your tulle into strips (there is no science you can cut as long or short as you want and as thick or thin as you want)
Using the glue gun glue the strips of tulle to the bottom of the foam core board dress cut out both on the back and front, again not a science you can use as little or as much as you want to make it thicker or thinner
Take your larger fabric cut out and lay it on the front of your core board lining up the bottom and wrap it around to the back(you may have to cut some tiny slits in the fabric near difficult areas so it wraps around smoothly
Glue the fabric onto the back, you can cut it some if pieces are too long(you do not want to much bunched up back there)
Take a piece of ribbon big enough to use as a hanger and glue it in a loop to the back of the foam core board cutout
Take your other piece of fabric cut out and line it up over the back of the foam core board dress cutout and glue in place
Cut your ribbon strips the same length as your tulle(I used 5 strips) and glue to the bottom of the dress piece
Now take ribbon and wrap it around the waistband(just to cover up the bottom area a little) cut where it meets and then use hot glue to glue in place

I used ribbon to make 3 medium sized bows and glued them along the waistline of the dress, then added a small jewel to the center of each
I then made to small bows and glued them to the shoulder area
Then I added a jewel to the middle top

And there you have it a dress bow holder for about $7

DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeders


With Spring time here, we love to watch the birds in the yard, so this project was perfect for us, plus it brought back memories because I used to make these when I was little
All you need is bird seed, peanut butter, string and pine cones (we went pine cone collecting earlier in the day which just added to this activity)

What you do:

Tie A long string to one end of the pine cone
Cover the pine cone in peanut butter
Try to stop the munchkins from licking the peanut butter off of the pine cone
Roll it in the bird seed
Again make sure they know bird seed is not yummy, or whatever let them figure it out for themselves
Bring out and tie it to a tree(make sure you put it where a bird can sit on a branch and get to eat, my munchkins hung them just hanging down from the tree so I had to go rehang them later)

Wait and enjoy your friends that come for a feast 🙂

bird feeders bird feeders1 bird feeders2 bird feeders 3bird feeders3