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Glitter bags for learning and creativity


The original idea for this I believe came form play at home mom, but over time I have seen it everywhere. I love them because you can do more than one thing with them. You can practice letters, numbers, shapes, or you can just be creative and have fun. From my experience people from baby to adult like to play with them. The bonus is if you have older toddlers or young children they can help make them, because they may be one of the easiest things I have ever made.

What you need:
Ziploc bag (Gallon size)
Clear Hair Gel(I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
food coloring
White paper, poster board or desk/table (optional and makes it easier to see designs)

What you do:
Open the ziploc bag and dump in the entire bottle of hair gel
Squeeze a couple drops of food coloring in
Add some glitter
Close the bag and mix away

Now just lay the bag down, flatten out the gel in it and proceed to use your fingers to draw in the gel

Bonus: You can also make handprints, footprints, and use objects around the house or cookie cutters to make designs 🙂

gel bag

gel bag 2

gel bag1

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of numbers or letters drawn in the gel, but it can be done, I promise 🙂