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Dark and Milk Chocolate Toffee Cupcake


dark chocolate toffee cupcake

I told you what kind of cake I used and how to make the ganache in my post for Reese Cupcakes  The only difference here is I used half dark chocolate and half milk chocolate chips for the ganache

You will also need Dark chocolate Toffee bars. I used Ghiradelli, because they are so delicious.

So you make the cupcakes the exact same way, and the ganache with the changes I mentioned.  I did not fill the cupcakes so these are even easier>

Once everything is made and cooled to room temperature just like in the Reese’s cupcakes you take the cupcake dip it into the ganache and top with half of a Dark chocolate toffee square

As always enjoy

Cookies and Cream Oreo Cupcake


One of my husbands favorite things is Oreo’s, so this was inspired by him.  To make it easier and because I was adding so much anyways I used box white cake mix which simplified a lot and you couldn’t tell, Did I mention there is an actual cookie in the middle of the cake? That is my kind of recipe, especially when I don’t have a lot of time.

Cookies and Cream Oreo cupcake

Cookies and Cream Oreo cupcake

Here’s what you need:

White or Vanilla box cake mix (I used duncan hines)
Ingredients called for on the box mix
Oreo Cookies (2 1/2 per cupcake)
Buttercream Icing( you can use the store bought kind or make your own, There are plenty of butter cream recipes out there, I used Wilton Buttercream)
2 Hershey cookies and cream bars

Here’s how I made them:

I mixed the box mix with the ingredients called for, pretty basic
I put cupcake wrappers in the pan, I used white since it goes with the oreo theme, although you can use any color or none at all
I then filled each 1/4 full
Add a tasty oreo cookie
Continue filling with mix until they are about 3/4 fill
Bake according to directions on box

While I was waiting for them to bake, I made my icing, and I added a little extra water to make the icing thinner.  Then I put 1/2 oreo for each cookie in a Ziploc bag, then came the fun part, crushing the cookies, I like to throw them around a bit and smash them with my hands although I am sure you could also blend or process them until they look like crumbs, how crushed you want them is totally up to you

When cupcakes are cool, add icing, I used a spoon and kind of just spread it around nice and thick.
Sprinkle on some oreo crumbs
add 1 oreo cookie and 1 section of your cookies and cream bar

Eat your cupcake, or take a picture and show it off to your friends Enjoy!