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Home is where the heart is


As I sit in my room I stare at boxes, bags and a to do list, a to do list that just seems like there is not enough time to complete, boxes that beg me to begin but still I have no idea where to start.  I should, I have done this countless times before, and even with the overwhelming feeling crushing me I know deep down. the to do list will be finished on time.  I always make sure it is, sometimes with the faintest idea of how I managed to pull it off, but isn’t that how life works, how people work, always managing to do what they have to, even if they thought they couldn’t.  Moving had seemed like such a great idea, the problem is moving wasn’t the great idea, being a family again was the great idea, everything that came with it actually SUCKED! I hate moving, I have always hated moving, the problem is I do enjoy the final product of moving.  I like change, I honestly thrive in it, which sometimes makes me feel like an outsider considering most of the people in my life are opposite of this. Most people fear change or at the very least are more content to stay and keep things the way they are.  Comfort I suppose, but I find little comfort in doing the same exact thing every day, being in the same place for years.  When things become predictable and constant I feel caged, I feel as if it drains me, maybe it is because I spend my energy daydreaming about doing something different, something new or going to a place I have never seen.  Sometimes it feels like something in my head is screaming out for just a little spontaneity, something to shake things up.   So this move should really be enjoyable or at least the product of moving, the end result should be.  It’s not, because I despise the place I am going back to and I spent 5 years there, enough time apparently to easily feel caged before I even arrive.  I didn’t realize I would feel this much contempt about where I was going when I decided to make the move, then again even if I had it really wouldn’t have changed anything at all, I would still be making the trip, I would still be going to the place I have been calling home recently.  Each time the word home releases from my lips I get a lump in my throat, since when did that become home? I guess it only makes sense that it must have become home, when he stepped off of the plane there, because our family together wherever we are is “HOME”

Where do you consider home and why?

Change happens all the time


So now that I got the word that we were approved for the apartment, I can finally share my good news.  I thought long and hard about our Situation I knew that what we were currently doing just wasn’t working. Above everything else I wanted our family back together again, so we made it happen! We rented an apartment in El paso, and it couldn’t have went better.  We were able to find a nice one offering no application fee, no security deposit(other than for the cat), and $299 moves you in for the first month.  Perfect, like it was made just for our situation where I didn’t wanted to sink a ton of money into an apartment we may only be in for a month, 6 months at the longest.  My husband is moving in today and we are leaving New York on August 15, I have to have time to pack up, and my Dad is driving out with us so I had to give him time to get some things in order.  We will be back together as a family by the 19th and I am feeling so much better about this decision.  I am not looking forward to the drive, or to packing, but it will be nice coming home to him and for the first time ever an apartment already ready for me.

I am also seriously looking forward to having a pool and a fitness room, the park is an added bonus for the munchkins 🙂

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Do I have 2 children or 3?


I was 11 when my niece J was born and she was my first baby, even if she wasn’t mine.  I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and as she grew older I continued to fall in love over and over again.  When she hit her teenage years our relationship changed, not only was she my baby,  and my niece but she was also became my friend, and over the years she became my best friend.

When I had my own babies, it amazed me to see them interact with each other, they have some amazingly loving moments and they also have some moments that make me shake my head and wonder if I have more than 2 children and of course those are the ones I want to share with you


At one point C hated J but mostly because she wanted her boyfriend, and was convinced she was going to marry him(yes at age 4 lol) Once she moved on to a little boy at school she began to LOVE J


J loves to sing soft kitty to anyone who will let her, and let me just tell you none of us actually let her:
C was being cranky
J: Aww ya know what you need C? Starts singing soft kitty
C runs out of the room with her ears covered

J was spending the night one night and C didn’t know she was in my bed, she comes in in the middle of the night and tries to crawl into bed, next thing I know I hear a thump….then C crying, in her sleep J had pushed her off of the bed
(when she did realize what she did, she was like AWWWW baby!)

I am on the phone with J before C’s birthday and she asks to talk to C
C: I don’t want to talk to her, I don’t like her(this was the I love her boyfriend stage)
Me: That’s not nice C you need to go to your room and think about it
5 minutes later I try to walk into her room and it’s barricaded(although not well)
Me: Nice try C
C: Go away
Me: No
C: Get out of my room!
Me: No I will not
C: I hate you
Me: I love you!
This goes on for awhile
C: well I will just get a bomb and blow you up so you can’t love me
Me: I am gonna send you to live with J
C: NO!
Me: Yes
C: Fine I love you

A and J used to be really close, then as he grow they became a LOT alike and so they clash ALOT, but usually in a humorous way and always with love:

Sitting at the table
A to J: We’re best friends but if the zombies come I’m tripping you
J: (All excited) I’m your best friend?
A: No no
J: That’s what you just said awww I am your best friend
A: Oh man


Just look at the picture!
(No A’s were hurt in the taking of this picture)

Again with the soft kitty song
J sneaks up behind A and starts singing the song
A runs: “Awww crap help mom”
J: I am a great predator, I sneaked  right up on him

We had a tattoo party and our artist put one of the stencils on A as a temporary tattoo
A: What is it?
US: Harry potter, look it matches J’s”
J: YES we are twinsy’s
A: Oh no! This washes off right?


I promise they love each other, those stories just aren’t as funny!