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Ghost Mason Jars Halloween craft


This is another relatively simple craft that can be done by most ages and looks super cute inside or sitting outside with your jack o lanterns

What you need:
Mason  Jar
White paint
Black paint or permanent marker
flame-less candle or battery operated lights

What to do:
Remove the lid from the mason jar
Paint the outside of your mason jar white and let dry
Once it is dry use black paint or a permanent marker to draw a face on (As you can see one of my munchkins wanted their ghost to be a dog)
Put the flame-less candle or lights into your jar and enjoy

I love this craft because it will last for years to come.

Glue Ghosts Halloween Craft


This is a simple and fun Halloween Craft 


Here’s What you need:
Foam paper
googly eyes 
wax paper

Here’s what you do:
cut felt to look like bow ties and buttons 
Lay out a sheet of wax paper
Squeeze glue onto it in the shape of a ghost
add googly eyes
add bow tie and buttons
Let Dry, when it is completely dry you can pull away the wax paper and have just the ghosts

After drying the ghosts will be a little more transparent, we hung ours in a window 🙂 

glue ghosts glue ghosts1

Once upon a time I heard dead people


For a large portion of my life I would have these weird moments in the middle of the night where I would wake up from a dream and hear whispering and noises but be completely unable to move or speak, I was half convinced that I got possessed a lot at night, or that maybe I would leave my body and wake up before I was fully back in it, I am still thinking one of those options could be it even if the doctor says it’s not, I was too scared for a long time to say anything to a doctor because I was pretty sure I would be getting a one way trip to a padded room with a little white jacket(in retrospect that sounds like something I may enjoy now) so I just kept it to myself and lived with the horror that is waking up like that, my best guess is it would only last a minute or so, but that minute or so felt like FOREVER, I feel for everyone who is paralyzed because that feeling sucks, and not being able to speak, ups the anti more, but the real kicker is feeling like something is coming to get you and you can’t do shit about it.  I wouldn’t be able to sleep for hours afterwards and I would always end up moving to a different room to feel safe, after I got married my husband started noticing my strange disappearances in the middle of the night, and thought he was doing something wrong, so I finally had to explain to him what was going on and he urged me to ask a doctor about it, well I did and turns out it has a name, Sleep Paralysis also turns out there is absolutely fucking nothing you can do about it, so It still happens every so often and I still really was not  100% sure that I was not hearing dead people and  leaving my body, but hey does it matter, there really wouldn’t be shit I could do about that either…

Last night I slept in the recliner chair because it was the only way I could get my ankle comfortable, and I have no idea why except maybe that I am not used to sleeping in a recliner I was dreaming that Coyotes were after me because I was outside sleeping in one of those long patio chairs, and that’s when it happened I suddenly woke up, but not really because I couldn’t move or speak and in the distance I could hear the faint sounds of coyotes screaming(is it called screaming? If not it should be because that is what it sounds like) anyways that is when I knew It was just sleep paralysis and I gotta tell you I was a little said about this, because I think it would be way more interesting to tell people that I traveled outside my body at night and talked to the dead, than to tell them I have yet another medical condition….maybe I will just tell that story anyways I mean it’s not like they can ask me to prove it or anything right?