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The Giant Bubble


Have you ever wanted to play in a Giant bubble, or maybe your child gets hurt or sick a lot and you have threatened to put them in a bubble?  No? Well I have always wanted to and when I seen a post on play at home mom, I was super excited to make that dream come true, Played in Giant bubble CHECK!

Giant Bubble1
Giant Bubble2

giant bubble

giant balloon
Do you want to play in a giant bubble now?  We set this up inside, but this can also be used outside

Here’s what you need:
Plastic sheeting, you can get this at walmart and most hardware stores, I recommend at least 3mil
Duct Tape
A fan

Here’s what you do
Lay one sheet flat and the other one flat on top of it, Duct tape the sides together leaving a hole for the fan and a hole to enter and exit
Put the fan in one hole and tape the plastic around it

Note: Since we used a box fan we had to put it up on a chair, if left on the floor it caused the bubble to blow up off the ground 🙂

I had a bunch of munchkins that day and they were all entertained for hours, the brought in ball pit balls, baskets, paper tubes, and dolls

I even had fun playing in it, It was also nice to let the babies crawl in

*the children were supervised at all times, only you know what you are comfortable with when it comes to your child, if they may put their hands into the fan I recommend sitting yourself in front of it 🙂