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4th of July crafts


Over here we do  craft for all of the well known holidays, just wanted to share with you a couple of our 4th of July crafts from previous years.

The first one is framed firework prints:

What you’ll need:
Plane wood picture frame
Red white and blue paint
blue or black construction paper

Here’s what ya do:

Paint the picture frame with red, white and blue, whatever design you want

While it is drying, take your blue or black construction paper, make lines of glue to look like fireworks, then sprinkle your glitter onto the glue, shake excess glitter off

Once everything is dry, put the print in your frame and you have a decoration that will last a long time

We still hang these on our wall every year, I love that it wasn’t just a piece of paper that ended up getting thrown away 🙂

The next project is a mini windsock:

What you’ll need:
empty toilet paper roll
plastic bag
blue paint
red pipe cleaner(you could also use ribbon or string)

Here’s what you’ll do:
(I don’t have pictures of the process because I did it with my daycare children and I try my best not to add pictures of them)

Paint the toilet paper roll blue, let dry
While it is drying cut a white plastic bag into strips
Once dry add glue in any design you want and sprinkle glitter over it
glue the strips into the the inside of the toilet paper roll so they are sticking out(like a wind sock)
Add 2 holes at the top ( 1 on each side, just big enough to put the pipe cleaner through)
Put one end of the pipe cleaner into the hole on one side, and the other end into the hole on the other side, on the inside curl the pipe cleaner so that it will not go back through the hole
(geesh that is far too much talk about holes)

Tada a nice little windsock to display

4th windsock