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Mason Jar Jack o Lantern Halloween Craft


We did the Ghost Mason Jar Craft I posted previously last year, so this year my munchkins wanted to paint mason jars and make lanterns again and we decided to do Jack O Lanterns this time.  Still cute, a little less see through, but the munchkins love seeing them outside and in the window.

What you need:
Mason Jar
Orange paint (we used acrylic, but should have probably used glass I think it would have looked better)
Black permanent marker, or black paint
flame-less candles

What to do:
Paint the outside of your jar orange (use only 1 coat if you happen to use acrylic paint or it won’t be very see through)
Let dry
Once it is dry use your marker or paint to put a jack o lantern face on it
Drop in a flame-less candle

Viola all done!

IMG_7803 IMG_7805 IMG_7806