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Jello Ocean Sensory Bin


We love the Ocean around here, so we make a lot of Ocean theme bins and crafts. Β This by far was one of our favorites!

jello ocean bin

I used Blue Raspberry Jello for the water.

This bin has 2 regular size packages and was prepared according to package directions

When the jello set I just added some of the shells from vacation and some of the sea life stuff we had

This was a huge hit with both munchkins, which doesn’t happen often, considering they are 7 years apart.

Jello Ocean Bin 1

This little guy was hiding from the shark

Jello Ocean Bin 2
Cue the shark lol

Jello Ocean Bin 3
We also explored the texture, feel, and smell of the “water”

Jello Ocean Bin 4

After the jello started to warm up we again reviewed the texture, feel, and smell of our “water”


Jello Lemons and Oranges


Jello is such a fun food, and you can do so many things with it. One of my favorite things to do is fill lemon and orange peels to look like slices of the actual fruit.

Jello oranges

These are perfect for a BBQ, potluck, or even if you want a twist on jello shots! The bonus is it’s pretty simple!

Here’s what you need:
Jello(I used one package of orange, and 1 package of lemon)
Oranges and Lemons

You could also do just one or the other, or by all means use a lime

Here’s what ya do:
Slice the lemon or orange in half
Scoop out the inside of the fruit (I then like to eat the orange, and save the lemon for my water)
Now you have orange and lemon Halves, arrange these in a dish or on a cookie sheet
Prepare the jello according to the jigglers recipe
Pour the jello into the fruit halves
Let sit and get firm in the fridge
When they are firm, cut into slices and serve

If you are adventures you could always add a little shot of something πŸ˜‰

I originally got this recipe from a friend who got this online, I am unsure if it is someone else’s recipe, or Jello’s recipe, I have been making these for years πŸ™‚