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A 3 year olds apocalypse prep


My little girl has been preparing for the apocalypse for quite some time, I swear she always has emergency stashes of pretty much everything, I even once found a stash of toothpicks in her room inside of a little people farm, when I asked what they are for, she said so if they bad guys come I can stab them in the eye…THAT’S  MY GIRL!
except wait…bad guys are coming? I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned about this or not, I have seen a lot of horror movies and so I like to take the crazy shit my kids say pretty seriously because I never want to be one of those moms that lets her kid die, or dies herself because she didn’t believe them when they said the aliens came for a visit and they colored on the couch….so gotta admit for the next couple days I was on edge, just waiting for the bad guys to come, and I let her keep her toothpick stash Another of my favorites was the bottle of water…here you can see for yourself

Holy Eff!


My little spawn come out and asks me “Mommy would you mind if I drew on the walls” Umm thanks for asking I guess but yes in fact I would mind if you drew on the walls, “Where are we suppose to draw?” “On paper”  She returns about 5 minutes later holding this:


Can you guess what that is? I’ll give you hint, it is not a turkey….
While holding it she looks at me and says, Mommy we are’t suppose to stick up our middle finger like this right?

Yup I am one proud mommy and I would say she doesn’t get that shit from me but:

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