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DIY Button Letter Ocean Theme


My sons room is done in Ocean theme, well not at the moment because we are staying at my dad’s during this deployment, but at home it is in Ocean theme.  Button letters are flying all over pinterest and I am not sure who made the first one, but I know they are cute, so I decided to make one myself

monogram button letter

This can be done in almost any theme you will need:
Buttons (I used blue)
A frame (I purchased mine at the dollar tree)
A wooden decal (I used a fish)
A piece of thick paper (I used white)
A pencil
Glue (I used craft glue)
Hot glue gun or other type of strong glue

To make it:

Take the white paper and use the pencil to draw an stencil or outline of what you want your letter to look like
glue buttons all in your stencil, taking care to cover your pencil lines
*hint-It is better to start with the big buttons and fill in with smaller buttons
Put the paper inside of the frame but take out the glass
Hot glue the decal onto the frame where you think it looks good

That’s it!