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Memorial Day cupcakes


What is more fun on memorial day than red white and blue cupcakes, okay so maybe there are a lot of fun things on Memorial day, but these are still pretty awesome!

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To make these festive cupcakes here’s what ya need:

1 box of white or vanilla cake mix(and ingredients to make it)
blue and red food coloring
I made my own buttercream icing but you can also used canned vanilla, or buttercream icing
red and blue sugar

If you want the icing to look like this you would need an icing decorator bag, coupler, and a star tip, but you can put the icing on top however you feel comfortable

cupcake wrappers if preferred

Here’s what ya do

Prepare cake mix according to directions, but don’t bake yet
Seperate into 3 bowls
Dye one bowl of mix blue, 1 red and leave 1 white
now layer them into the cupcake tins I chose to do red, then white, then blue
Bake according to box mix instructions, or until a toothpick comes out clean
allow to cool, ice cupcakes(to get my effect I used the star tip and swirled it like an icecream cone) and top with the red and blue sugar