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Our new apartment


As promised this is the big apartment reveal, I actually quite like it, but it is weird to think it will only be home for a few months

IMG_7050 IMG_7052

IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7057







We did C’s room in Soccer and she finally got her canopy bed which made us both pretty darn happy.
A’s room is in Ocean theme because it is one of his favorites.
Our room is elephants(my favorite), we are just waiting on our custom made elephant pillows for our bed to tie it all together.
The kitchen is wood, and green, orange, and yellow.
For the munchkins bathroom they chose frogs.
Our living room is maps, but we didn’t put up most of our wall hangings so the only map currently there is the globe bar table, which I love.
Of course we set up a craft corner.


Change happens all the time


So now that I got the word that we were approved for the apartment, I can finally share my good news.  I thought long and hard about our Situation I knew that what we were currently doing just wasn’t working. Above everything else I wanted our family back together again, so we made it happen! We rented an apartment in El paso, and it couldn’t have went better.  We were able to find a nice one offering no application fee, no security deposit(other than for the cat), and $299 moves you in for the first month.  Perfect, like it was made just for our situation where I didn’t wanted to sink a ton of money into an apartment we may only be in for a month, 6 months at the longest.  My husband is moving in today and we are leaving New York on August 15, I have to have time to pack up, and my Dad is driving out with us so I had to give him time to get some things in order.  We will be back together as a family by the 19th and I am feeling so much better about this decision.  I am not looking forward to the drive, or to packing, but it will be nice coming home to him and for the first time ever an apartment already ready for me.

I am also seriously looking forward to having a pool and a fitness room, the park is an added bonus for the munchkins 🙂

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