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The July trip to NYC


I always love visiting NYC, I love the atmosphere and I love the company.  This time it was all about the things my Daddy wanted to experience since he was along for the trip.

Day 1 we decided on Coney Island since he had not been there before. I am never quite sure why he wants to visit beaches since he doesn’t actually go in the water, but I never question it because well I want to go to the beach anyway 🙂

I was able to get a few cool shots of the rocks and seagulls, total added bonus 🙂

Day 2 we went to Times Square to the Toys R Us, the munchkins each got to pick a toy from PAPA and C was really excited because it was the first time we got the My little pony car on the wheel.
pony ride
Then we headed over to Rockefeller Center and went to the Lego Store

The munchkins loved filling up their buckets with hand picked legos

After that we stopped by the NBC Experience Store and A was delighted that they had the chair from The Voice

When we got back that night we had A’s Ninjago Surprise Party

My dad and I left the next day and the munchkins stayed with Grandpa and Grandma, It was rough leaving them because I barely do it, but I know they are having a great time, and I am just looking forward to picking them up and spending another week in the city with family

Aren’t they suppose to be watching movies or something


My son came home with homework….wait what? Homework? How many days of school are left? Aren’t they suppose to be watching movies or something? Damn it, I thought I was done with homework for the year, I mean seriously we just finished a Science project and a Social Studies project in the last 2 weeks of school, now a math packet! My hair was turning grey just thinking about the math packet.  I was about to have a full on meltdown of toddler proportions.  You see my son struggles with math, and I do not mean he gets a few things wrong, I mean he has a hard time grasping basic concepts like lets say counting money, and all year I have been having to help him with things like mixed fraction addition and subtraction, long division and multiplication.  By the time we finish a math packet one of us is always in tears.  It’s not his fault, we just moved to New York from Texas and let me tell you how far behind Texas schools are compared to New York in the math department, he went from 9×3 to 759/42, couple that with ADHD and the whole thing is a nightmare.  I just can’t for the life of me understand why schooling can’t be the same throughout the country, maybe this would help families that have to move a lot like we do, it’s not like we move on purpose, it’s the military life style, and our kids end up paying for it. Another thing is if I had wanted to be a teacher I would have went to college and got a teaching degree…I suck at teaching, which consequently means I suck at homework help, at least where math is concerned, which is strange because I always excelled in math, I think it’s the combination of it came so easy for me and I don’t know how to explain it, and it’s been a few years since I did this type of math.  I even hired a tutor and he had one through the school, you would think this would help, except it didn’t.  His school tutor  is an English teacher and she keeps trying to teach him formulas or tricks, while the other tutor and myself try to help him memorize things like say the multiplication table, the problem with tips and tricks is he ends up confusing which tip or trick to use when, and what good does that do him? I am almost certain it sat him back even further.  I tried to pull him from that tutor but some ridiculous law in upstate New York said I couldn’t…don’t get me started on that, it’s a story for another time, I’ve already went off track enough I think.  Let’s complicate the homework matter with the fact that I had promised to take the munchkins out for ice cream after dinner.  So picture it, here I am sitting at the kitchen table trying to help my oldest with math while my younger one tries in vain to steal the spotlight.  First problem: I explain, walk him through it, boom now he has a written reference point, so things should be easier right? WRONG! That didn’t seem to help at all, Next question: walk him through it again, smaller munchkin is screaming out random numbers just to fuck with us, because she likes to do insane shit like that, *ignore her ignore her ignore her* I keep telling myself that while I am trying to explain these math problems to him.  Stop in the middle of the problem put little munchkin in time out, continue, little munchkin still screaming from her spot in time out, again repeating my ignore her mantra, finally make it through problem 2, problem 3: I say give it a try, see if you can do it. 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute, 4 minutes, 17 minutes later he gives me his answer, It’s wrong, repeat walk through. We repeated these same steps for 2 hours, oldest munchkin is now in tears with 3 problems left to go, little munchkin is professing her new found hate for me,  and him, and I am thinking about checking in to a mental institute, It’s gotta be better than this right?

That my friends is when I did the worst mommy move I have ever done.  So bad I barely want to share it with you, but I am going to anyways.  I looked at the oldest munchkin, and told him exactly what to write down where to show his work, and the answer to put on the paper…3 questions, 5 minutes and we were all wearing smiles and on our way for ice cream…

Look I’m not proud of what I did, but I can’t say I regret it either, again there are only 6 days and 3 half days left of school  shouldn’t they be watching movies or something?

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