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NYIP Unit 5 Photo Project Review


I got the reviews back for my NYIP Unit 5 Photo Project I was really happy with them!

Photo 1: Cheetah : Spectacular, large off center, off focus background. I wonder what the animal is reacting to? The fact that you caught it in a simple beautiful photograph is outstanding, the fact that i wonder what is going on with him is a great thing, that keeps a person looking, very good thing!

Photo 2: News: Wow This is really some shot, WOW, look at this, spectacular in a negative way! I hope no one was hurt, Oh my lord, incredible, you show the country side behind it, smoldering fire, what a mess, I must look this up, wow this is something! Fabulous picture! You gave all the info, very concise.

Photo 3: Sports: Just great! Wonderful shutter speed, simple compostion. (She mentioned she loves baseball) Your picture is excellent.

Photo 4: Bug: Kind of sad, broken wing bug, he looks like he wants help, sad picture, evoking emotion, amazing what you could accomplish!  2 pictures with animals where it evokes completely different emotions in me, that tells me that it is a good picture, you got fairly close without a macro or telephoto that is great, really impressed!

Impressed and I like all your pictures very much!

Pat on the back for me lol, I am feeling pretty good right now!

Do you have a favorite picture?


NYIP Unit 5 photo project


I finished up and submitted my Unit 5 photo project.  This unit was fairly easy and fun for me.  I got an A on the test.

A picture of an animal (This Cheetah was eating grass at the zoo, I love that I was able to take it through glass, and get a good picture of the grass in his teeth)

A news photo that could be published in a newspaper or magazine (I was on my way to get ice cream when I passed this fire and was able to get the shot)

A sports photo (This was taken at one of my nephews baseball games)


A close up of an insect (this was taken without macro or telephoto, so I was pretty happy with how close I was able to get)

NYIP Unit 4 photo project


This Unit was all about portraiture, I actually kind of enjoyed it, although having to ask people to model for the photo project and having to do things on their time did slow me down a little.  I got an A on my test and I sent in my pictures last night 🙂

Photo 1 was a head and shoulders shot using natural light
My princess volunteered


Photo 2 was a head and shoulders shot using a light, my princess got bored so I had to find a new model


Photo 3 was an outdoor 3/4 shot
This is my favorite picture of the 5


Photo 4 was a picture of an animal showing their personality
This is Sam, my dad’s dog and he looks like this a lot, he likes to just lay around because he is getting pretty old


Photo 5 was an indoor photo shoot showing a persons personality using the background and props
Can you tell what she loves?

So now I am all finished with Unit 4 and stating my reading for Unit 5, I will post again when I get my reviews

NYIP Unit 2 photo project


1 2 3

I received my unit 2 review along with my Unit 1 review today

Photo 1:
beautiful soft focus background, brilliant yellow tulip, absolutely gorgeous Great shot, Great composition

Photo 2:
Adorable picture, expression on goats face is priceless, can’t imagine what is going through his mind, fantastic, fabulous, perfectly simple

Photo 3:
You took a shot that is great in color, and would also be great in black and white or sepia love the angle you took it from the curving of the tracks impresses me, you have framing with trees, you have all of the elements. Great solid sense of composition

NYIP Unit 1 photo project


1 2 3
just received my review for this project today:

Photo 1: Great job on clear subject, Great background blur possibly could have shaved an inch off left side Good effective subject. nice expression watch shutter speed as it could have been about 1/60 instead of 1/30 

Photo 2: looking pretty nice, F-stop a little shallow, great job on clear subject feeling of distance could have been emphasized a little more, wide angle lens would have helped)just a note I do not own a wide angle lens)
strong solid picture

photo 3: Overall good photo, great shutter speed, nice job visually my eye goes right to ducks, motion is great
You conveyed a clear subject, framed edges pretty good, a little extra on middle right, but really overall nice and really clean
otherwise, subject could be larger size without so much extra space(cropping would have helped) since you used a 300 mm lens and probably couldn’t have got closer
His favorite picture of the bunch

Overall pretty good, and a great start to the course