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NYIP Unit 1 photo project


1 2 3
just received my review for this project today:

Photo 1: Great job on clear subject, Great background blur possibly could have shaved an inch off left side Good effective subject. nice expression watch shutter speed as it could have been about 1/60 instead of 1/30 

Photo 2: looking pretty nice, F-stop a little shallow, great job on clear subject feeling of distance could have been emphasized a little more, wide angle lens would have helped)just a note I do not own a wide angle lens)
strong solid picture

photo 3: Overall good photo, great shutter speed, nice job visually my eye goes right to ducks, motion is great
You conveyed a clear subject, framed edges pretty good, a little extra on middle right, but really overall nice and really clean
otherwise, subject could be larger size without so much extra space(cropping would have helped) since you used a 300 mm lens and probably couldn’t have got closer
His favorite picture of the bunch

Overall pretty good, and a great start to the course