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NYIP Unit 3 photo project review


I received my NYIP Unit 3 photo project review today.  First things first I learned a lot about my instructor, such as she is a christian, I learned this from the bible verse she decided to share with me “God said let their be light there was a void before then, and creatures mostly don’t live without light, yes some don’t need sunlight but most do, sunlight governs most physical light”, and She enjoys swimming at Coney Island in the summer, and that the other side of Coney Island is  “like Tom Sawyer and Huck Fin, people fishing with nets and poles”, or that she lives in an apartment and her neighbor boy who is younger than her carries in her groceries for her a lot, and she had just gotten her groceries before taping my photo review.  I am not sure what any of this had to do with photography, my photography, or the review, but she gave me some great reviews so I should probably just let it slide.

You can see the photos I submitted here:

NYIP Unit 3 Photo Project

These were the reviews:

Photo 1: The duck : Absolutely love this picture of the duck in central park, you have duck, water, light, nothing else, this is what I love to see you got the essence right down to the nitty gritty!

Photo 2: Black and white picture(back lighting): very nice shot, would have liked to see her eyes, back light on hair was good, could have used a reflector

Photo 3: Flower: rich, beautiful close up, lovely composition, gorgeous color, simple, that’s what I love, very very nice, perfect, superb

Photo 4: Outdoor frame picture: Love the frame within a frame, lots of fun, good even skin tones

Photo 5 and 6: comparison reflector/no reflector flowers: What a difference the reflector makes, you had a better shot with the reflector, 2nd was more vibrant, more balanced color, that is great, 1600 ISO was too high

Again told me how much she loves the duck lol

Overall I am pretty happy with how I ended Unit 3, an A on the test and some pretty good reviews especially since it was my least favorite Unit. 

NYIP Unit 3 Photo Project


This project was by far my least favorite, sure I realize you need to know how to use lighting, but overall I thought the pictures required were boring, and they didn’t speak to me at all. Such is life, I finished and am awaiting my review 
IMG_299745 degree lighting

IMG_3374back lighting

IMG_3995lighting for texture

IMG_4717person in shade 

IMG_5078 IMG_5079

pic 1 is 45 degree no reflector
pic 2 is 45 degree with reflector 

So happy to be finished with The Unit 3 photo project