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My Oh so not fun day


Tuesday was quite a day for me, I mean seriously, it was so crazy that I am just now catching up and able to write about it. ¬†Since people so kindly love to laugh at my misery, and I am not against laughing at myself I thought I would share ūüôā

A little back story because you will need it
#1 I have a hard time sleeping at night, It’s awful, it’s not like I don’t want to sleep I just can’t sleep, I can be exhausted all day, put the munchkins to bed, lay down and my mind won’t shut off and I am up all night
#2 Behind Mayonnaise or maybe before it, it’s a close call my biggest fear is cockroaches, I am obsessive about it, they freak me out just looking the way they look and knowing they can completely infest your home freaks me out even more…yea okay my 1st biggest fear is cockroaches
#3 When we were living in houses I hire Orkin, especially since those big American cockroaches that everyone calls water bugs, except they are not water bugs they are Giant roaches are common here in El paso, I guess the good thing is they don’t really infest your home they just like to stop by and visit every once in awhile like spiders, the bad news is they are GROSS, seriously I had never seen one before I moved here and the first time I did, I was peeing and it was like 3 in the morning and I ended up in my bathtub with my pants around my ankles screaming bloody murder for my husband, who came in killed it and called it a water bug….smart man except google wasn’t his friend, Also last Friday they came to spray my apartment for bugs(not Orkin, the company the apartments hire, but apparently unlike Orkin I was suppose to remove everything from my cupboards and I hadn’t so they didn’t spray, told me to tell the office when I wanted them to come)
#4 There is a facebook trade sight here that I like to use a lot, it’s perfect because you can get rid of the things you don’t need and exchange it for the things you do, and I spend a fair amount of time meeting people for trades
#5 I am on a fair amount of medication at night because of my back so I have a very hard time waking up in the mornings

I think I have you pretty caught up at this time, so on with my play by play of the day

Monday night I couldn’t sleep at all, I was tossing and turning for hours, finally at about 4am I asked my husband to wake me up before he left for work, because I knew I wouldn’t end up waking up with the munchkins for school, and the schools here hire attendance nazis, seriously late 4 times in a year and they call the courts on you…

7:45 am(the exact time my oldest should be getting to his first class) The husband comes home during his PT break and realizes we are all still asleep, so I wake up to him yelling for them to get up, we are late
7:47 am Panic attack because HELLO we are late and the attendance Nazis are going to be on my ass
7:55 am Remember that C had been complaining the night before that it burned when she peed, and A had been coughing up a lot of mucus
8:00 am Hatch brilliant plan to bring both munchkins to the doctor…2 birds one stone right?
8:10 am fix the munchkins some cereal, go to set C’s down and see roach crawl across the wall
Toss C behind me, push table to the side, scream like I am gonna die and wait for husband to kill the little fucker.
8:15 am CRY…Yes a lot of crying for fear of my house ending up infested with roaches, all because they didn’t spray and of course probably one of my neighbors had them nasty things and now they got sprayed and are seeking sanctuary at my not sprayed house
Somewhere between sobs I asked the husband to call the rental office, and apparently they don’t open until 10 am…cue the tears
8:30 am Bring the munchkins to the doctor
10:00 am finally actually see the doctor, she was red and got cream, he has allergies and got meds and they both got notes for being late to school
10:30 am finally leave doctors, drop C off at school first then A
10:35 am Call rental office, they inform me that pest control can not come until Friday…FRIDAY? OH HELL NO ¬†I ain’t livin with no roaches for a week we all know how fast they procreate…nope nope nope
10:37 am text the husband about the pest control
10:45 am Go to Kmart check bug sprays and realize if I use any of them I will probably murder my cat, decide against cat murder
11:00 am go get gas and run into the gas station, come out and realize I missed a call, drive home
11:10 am Return the phone call and find out it was C’s school nurse, apparently shortly after dropping her off she spilled her entire lunch tray down the front of herself, Do you want to guess what was for lunch? If you guessed spaghetti you would be correct
11:30 am head over to the school to bring C new clothes, because heaven forbid they keep some of those extra clothes around the nurses office
12:00 am head home Clean every crack and crevice in my house with bleach(this took awhile so just pretend in the next few time slots I wrote clean every crack and crevice with bleach along with whatever else I did)
(Also spend the next few hours randomly opening cabinets trying to find a roach, yes I am that AH HA Gotchya kind of person, did not find any)
12:30 pm husband calls to tell me the woman he was suppose to meet and do a trade with didn’t show and pretty much cost him his lunch break, we hang up and I remember I need to cry to him so
1:00 pm call my husband and cry about how I can’t live with roaches, how I am not going to cook in that kitchen, and I want ORKIN
1:15 pm ¬†Call Orkin, schedule someone to come between 4-6pm that day…that’s better although the Orkin lady telling me every little thing about roaches, how they are treated, so on and so forth, no bueno people I was then relaly freaked out, so I spent the rest of the time until it was time to pick up the munchkins sitting on my door stoop
3:15 pick up munchkins, A is STARVING, take him to 7-11 for a hot dog
4:00 pm attempt to finally pay my bills and manage my bank account while impatiently waiting for Orkin to show up
4:15 pm knock on door(now people this was actually the good part of the day) Orkin GUY YAY! Bonus: It was the same Orkin guy from my last house
he inspects my house while I follow him around asking if he sees anything and pretty much tells me if I hire them I am wasting my money because I do not have a roach infestation, and I probably seen a baby “water bug” which was probably ran out of the sewer when they sprayed the other apartments
Still Skeptical
He goes out to the truck comes back in and starts spraying the hell out of my cabinets (keep in mind I am still standing behind him)
He looks at me and says “See?” Uhh no see what? “That was roach tear gas, if you had them they would have came running out”

WTF? You mean to tell me you were so confident I didn’t have them you were willing to bet my life on it, because let me tell you, had a bunch of roaches came running out I would have had a heart attack and died on the spot, right there on the kitchen floor surrounded by roaches and the Orkin man…what a tragedy that would have been.

Then to make me feel better he put some place and a little bait and told me I still wasn’t going to catch anything except maybe the American Roach (aka water bug) but that it couldn’t hurt because it would kill them too
Then he says oops I forgot this, and left me the bait

I am thinking the Orkin guy knew I was a spazz guys, and he was my hero, okay he is and probably always will be my hero

I’m not stupid though, pest control is coming Friday, those big fuckers are not welcome here either, nor are spiders, or any other freaking bug

5:15 pm Run out pick up munchkins prescriptions

5:30 pm Arby’s for dinner, because yea I am not friggin cooking

6:00 pm go to meet some lady for another trade: WAIT WAIT WAIT, TEXT NOTHING, WAIT fuck it, go into the store to do my shopping

6:40 pm  Get a text from said lady I was suppose to meet
Her: Are you still here?
Me: Yea I am in the store
Her: Okay I will wait a few minutes sorry my phone was dead and I forgot what kind of car your drive
Me: I can send my husband out with my phone and he can tell you where we are parked
Her: Ok

6:55pm See my husband back in store…with the stuff we are suppose to be giving her, Uh whats going on?

Apparently she decided to run in and get bread after I said I was sending my husband out, so husband had to find her in the bread section

7:00 pm Realize I am missing The Originals and freak out, shit that was the only thing I was looking forward to

7:45 pm pick up something from a friend

8:00 pm (15 minutes after 1 munchkins bed time and an hour before the others) get home

8:15 pm start A on his home work, get C ready for bed

8:20 pm Put C to bed

8:25 pm help A with homework, get frustrated, hand homework help off to daddy

8:30 pm C is up to tell me something

8:35 pm C is up to tell me something

8:40 pm C is up to tell me something (Are we seeing the pattern)

8:50 pm decide to put my powdered sugar into my canister, actually miss the canister almost completely and put powdered sugar all over my floor

8:51 pm C walks out “Hey mommy there is sugar on the floor

YUP that is when I just gave up on any hope of saving the day

Electronics and Video Games, could they be causing it all?


The other night was particularly rough for us as far as my son and schooling went,, we basically found out that he is failing one class pretty badly, he admitted to not paying attention and he has been overly talkative. ¬†A is one of those kids that loves to be the class clown, making other people laugh makes him happy no matter how or where he does it, which tends to cause some issues in school. ¬†As far as focus goes people like to lay the blame on his ADHD and they are probably right, but they also like to blame his inability to remember things on his ADHD, and that can’t be the case. Do you know how I know? Because he has no problem remembering things he wants to remember! At any rate we decided to finally take away the video games and tablet until he choose to do better at school. ¬†My sweet boy sat at the kitchen table for at least 2 hours, snot dripping out of his nose, drool hanging off his mouth bawling like his dog had just died, I kid you not, my husband actually told me he thought maybe we should hide his shoe laces, he was so depressed, and all over video games…so as I tried not to lose my fucking mind, which was a pretty big challenge after the first hour went by with no sign of stopping, I started thinking a LOT. ¬†I was thinking about what is different in society, or in life in general now than 25-30 years ago, Why are children struggling more often in school, and with life in general and ya know what I realized?

We are pretty much the 1st generation of gamers raising children!

Which lead me to more thinking about all of the things that have changed in the last 25-30 years.
People as a whole are a lot less healthy
Marriages seem to have more problems, Divorce rates are up
Children tend to focus less on studies and playing outside has become almost obsolete
Mental health diagnosis and the amount of people on prescription drugs has skyrocketed

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I know gamers are hating right now, They are shouting at their screens that video games and electronics are not the issue.  I get it I used to be a gamer and I am certainly addicted to my computer, but hear me out folks.

How many times did you come home to find your mother on facebook or pinterest and your father playing World of Warcraft or Call of Duty? ¬†I know I didn’t ever. ¬†How many of you called your mother a bitch or your father an asshole to their face? How many of you were not at all nervous when the school called your parents? Let me tell you, if I fucked up and the school said they were calling my mom, I begged them to change their mind, I once got the bi part of bitch out to my mother before I had a bloody mouth, and I wouldn’t even have thought to say anything disrespectful to my father as a child, and let me be clear by saying my father spanked me twice in my entire life, so he was by no means abusive, he was just scary because he was my dad and I was made to listen, it only took twice to put the fear of god into me, but that’s another story for another time. ¬†At any rate, is it so crazy to correlate some of the behaviors of our children to the lack of parenting by adults, and to correlate the lack of parenting with the increase of electronic use?

You have to look at the facts and while I am not speaking of every man, woman and child out there because there is always exceptions I am speaking of the majority, I am speaking of what I see in my home, in my friends and families homes and all over the internet.

More and more children are focusing less on an education, less on being active, less on sports and more on video games, tablets, computers and cell phones.
Seriously I have seen 7 year old’s with cell phones…that to me is absurd!


More and more men focus so much on electronics that they forget they even have a family ( In my house we call this tunnel vision because unless a piece of the debris falls in his lap the whole house could explode and he’d never even know it while he is playing a video game)
And seriously how many know the feeling of being horribly aggravated because you are doing everything, your husband walks in the door walks to the game system and starts playing as if nothing else exists?


More and more women are spending their days on facebook and pinterest, rather than keeping their houses clean, and spending quality time with their children.  How many parents go days without having a conversation with their kids while they are doing absolutely nothing else?
Do you know how many times I see status’ on facebook from women claiming it is sooooo HARD to keep their house clean, or find time to play with their children, or cook a meal for their husbands, ¬† Let me let you in on a little secret it is not hard, you just have to put down the keyboard.


We live in a world of internet, computers, game consoles, smart phones and tablets, and I have to say I think it is ruining the modern day family.

Do you know that as of 2011 15% of divorces cited video games as the reasoning? Seriously? I believe it because I can’t count the number of women I see or hear every day talking about how all their husband does is play video games or watch TV…

Do you also know that children who come from a divorced home are more likely to get a divorce themselves, and that children of parents who play video games are more likely to also play them, so how many divorces will now be indirectly caused by video games?

Do you know how many times I see someone complaining of being broke then buying the latest game to come out or people getting government assistance while carrying around an I-phone, or people begging for food for their children on a computer they own with internet they pay for?


Yet we still can’t believe that maybe just maybe electronic technology could be a large part of the problems today?

I know I know but technology makes life easier, you can:
Get ideas online
Pay your bills online
Use your phone to deposit a check
Call someone if you a broke down
Shop without leaving your house
Listen to music anywhere anytime
Record your favorite shows to watch later

or It’s FUN, it relieves stress…but does it relieve stress or could it secretly be causing yours?

If you ask me I think they may just be degrading the quality of life. ¬†So many people have lost perspective on what is and what is not important! ¬†How many times do you see someone answer one of those quiz questions that asks something like “What 5 things could you not live without” with things like: my cell phone, my tablet, my video games, my TV, my makeup, sunglasses…and other things like that? Ya know what you can’t live without? Food and water? You know what would make the quality of your life less? lack of friends, family, love, integrity, honor, a bed to sleep in and other things like that, but those are never the answers given. ¬†WHY?

Because too many people these days have lost track of what is truly important, and have become reliant on a game system or a computer, or a phone for happiness, The problem is they aren’t creating happiness, they are creating distant family units who lack quality time. ¬†If they created happiness then depression would not be on the rise. ¬†Think about it!
What’s your take on it?

She drew WHAT??? Am I…oh my..yes I think I am


So last night I was tucking Miss C into bed when I noticed a paper on the floor.  I picked it up and it was a picture she drew, so I asked her what it was and she said she drew it at school. I must admit the picture had me a little confused:

As soon as I looked at it funny she started to clear up the confusion:
C: Don’t worry Mommy I will put pants on you, Don’t look at that
C: Uhhh I told you not to look at it
Me: Wait what is that?
C: gets close to my ear and whispers “that’s your pee pee”
Now I have to confess my tired butt didn’t even see the lovely yellow part until:
C: don’t worry I will change that to water
Me: Wait What? AM I PEEING?
C: Uhh it’s okay mommy I will make a bowl and it will just look like you are pouring water

I wonder what her teacher thought of this lovely drawing of her mommy, or how many friends snickered when she said Mommy is peeing….and just look at that hoohaa I have…that doesn’t look right…I swear it’s a hoohaa…stop laughing people!
I also have to wonder who all the little girls in the picture are….and is that a radio with music notes? So if I have it right I was having a dance party, rocking out to the music and peed all over…

And this is how my daughter sees me? A party girl who can’t control her bladder….Thanks C Thanks…but that was many years ago ūüėČ

Those are not the man and woman I grew up with


Do you ever find yourself staring at your parents as they interact with your children wondering just where in the hell those people came from? They certainly are not the same people who raised you. ¬†Those people meant business, they didn’t mess around, you messed up you got your ass beat, and speaking of, they considered it messing up if you flew down the stairs in one of their laundry baskets, or colored on their walls. ¬†Yet you just watched your child throw a ball and knock down their favorite lamp sending it crashing into the wall, causing a small hole to appear, and thought to yourself, UHOH you are gonna get it small child, and then the next minute you are standing there with your mouth on the ground trying to figure out if your parents have started taking high doses of happy pills since you’ve grown up, ¬†watching them with unbelieving eyes as they clean up broken glass and assure their precious grandchild that accidents happen.
How are you suppose to have any credibility when your child back talks you, or dumps 4 bottles of brand new expensive shampoo and body wash all over the bathroom floor and you tell them “You’re lucky you aren’t me, my mom would have whooped my ass for that and my dad would have had me mowing the lawn for 2 weeks to pay for the soap I ruined?”

Then I seen this and It made perfect sense:

C’s Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy surgery part 2


You can see part 1 here

When they wheeled her out for surgery I thought I was going to be super upset and end up crying, but the fact that C was all silly before going in really helped. ¬†I felt a lot better. My niece came with me and since we hadn’t eaten all day we took this opportunity to go get some breakfast at the cafeteria. ¬†The doctor said that we had about 45 minutes to an hour. ¬†Once we were done eating I stopped by the gift shop to get her a balloon, flowers and stuffed animal, and ended up picking Theodore from Chipmunks, and didn’t get the flowers because the clerk was taking forever and I was so scared I would miss the doctor.


I did well throughout the wait until about 11:05 when the doctor still hadn’t came in to talk to us, and it was well over the hour time limit. ¬†I must admit I started panicking a little and I was worried about C, especially since I do not handle waking up in recovery well, and I wasn’t sure how she would handle it.

At 11:09 the doctor walked in to see us, which meant I only had to go crazy for 5 minutes.  He said her surgery went well, no complications and they were getting ready to bring her into recovery.  He gave me a list of instructions and said they would come in and get me when they brought her back to ambulatory.

It felt like forever from the time the doctor came to talk to us and the nurse came in to tell us she was headed to the room.  I did a lot of pacing, and worrying, and overall just really wanted to see my baby.

It was about 12:15 when they finally came in to get us and were moving C back.  We got to the room first and when they wheeled her in she looked so fragile

She was sleeping but opened her eyes long enough to open her mouth and show me they were gone, and then went right back to sleep.

We knew before hand we would have to spend about 4 hours there before she would be sent home, so I tried to do some reading, but I was absolutely exhausted


Over all she did great, she was able to take a few drinks, had half a popsicle and a couple bites of ice cream. There were no complications and no bleeding and she slept a lot through the stay. ¬†She did complain some of her stomach hurting but said she didn’t feel sick. ¬†At around 4:10 she started to complain of a sore throat and they decided to give her fentanyl in her IV before sending her home, since I still had to get home and have my dad go get her prescriptions. ¬†That also made her loopy she sat right up, grabbed the rest of her blue popsicle ate the whole thing and put the stick right up in the nurses face and said “Look a Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiick” About 20 minutes later they removed her Iv and she was able to get dressed back into her PJ’s.

At 5pm we were discharged, I went and wheeled the car around and my niece and the nurse brought her down in a wheel chair

We made it about 5 minutes in the car before she said she felt sick and threw up everywhere, then immediately went to sleep, it scared the crap out of me and I had to have my niece check to make sure she was still breathing, thank goodness she was!

We made it home and she went right back to bed, and that started the road to recovery!


A few things you should know


Hey love, I wanted to write you this in case something awful happens, and I am no longer with you. ¬†No I’m not leaving you, I mean if I fail to exist in this world anymore. ¬†You see I know you are already worried about passwords and such in the event that I meet my untimely demise, but Relax I got that covered, there’s notes for you in the safe. Let’s face it though honey there are a lot of other things you are going to need to know if the unfortunate happens:

First know that I love you, I will always be with you, and I am watching over you, so don’t screw it up okay? You can do it, believe in yourself, and remember I believe in you!

A is going to be heartbroken, at 12 he is old enough to understand and he has already lost so much in his life. ¬†You have to be gentle with him, no yelling, okay. ¬†He is probably going to go through some shit, and it’s not going to be fun for you, but you have to be his rock, this is when he’ll need you more than ever. ¬†You won’t have to answer too many questions with him, he already has a basic idea of death, and what happens, so you are off the hook there, but he will need someone to listen to him, someone to hold him when he cries, speaking of, let him cry, let him cry as much as he needs to, I know he’s 12 and he’s a boy, but it’s okay for him to be emotional, cry with him if you need to, but never stifle his emotions.
He’ll be easy to please food wise, as long as it’s not fancy, seafood, or mayo he will eat it, but please make sure he is getting some nutrition, and french fries do not count as a vegetable, he favors green beans, this will come in very handy.
Make sure he showers every night, brushes his teeth, and uses deodorant, he hates those things so if you slack he will too!

C is getting old enough to understand some what but not fully, she is going to be the one to ask you 101 questions 101 times a day, answer them, even if it hurts you, and be honest, as honest as you can be with a 5 year old. ¬†When she asks about what happens after we die I would love for you to tell her both of our views and let her make her own decision. She’s tough, but she is going to need some support, If you need help turn to my niece, and your sister, they are the closest to being like me, and they can be the women in her life that she will need, but don’t go overboard with the support, she needs to get used to being with just Daddy too. You have to spend time with her, doing things that don’t involve electronics, so she keeps her love for learning, books and crafts. ¬†I know that isn’t easy but you can do it, build a birdhouse or something.
She likes her hair cut to shoulder length, if you want your life to be easier, keep it this way.
Remember she doesn’t care for meat so you will need to give her eggs or peanut butter so she still gets protein, she loves fruits and vegetables, keep the fridge stocked with these and you should be okay.
When she gets older, remember to give her trust unless she loses it, she will date, try not kill the dates, this won’t win you any favors okay. ¬†Clothes and shoes are a matter of life and death it’s good you get used to that idea now. ¬†Make up is okay, just don’t let her go overboard and remember not to be too hard on her, being a teenage girl can be rough.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, be the example that they need, they will follow. ¬†Don’t have regrets, and don’t feel guilty about anything, I know how much you love me, any wrong doing is past and I forgive you, so don’t forget to forgive yourself.

If you don’t know where something is, and let’s face it, that will be frequently ask C, she’s probably the closest to me as far as knowing where everything is, so yes rely on ¬†the 5 year old, she will help you!

If all else fails bring them swimming or somewhere around animals, a puppy wouldn’t hurt right now, especially since I don’t have to take care of it, see, still looking for the silver lining even though I’m dead.

Go on with your life, but not too quickly okay? Mourn me a little bit first, then go on, I want you all to be happy, so make it happen. ¬†If you find a new woman just make sure she is good to our children, and she makes you happy and I will be happy. ¬†Make sure you keep me alive though, show them pictures and tell them stories often, I know it hurts to remember, but I don’t want to be forgotten, and they need to know who their mother was. ¬†This will be one of the hardest things you have to do, but I have seen you do difficult things before so I have faith in you, have faith in yourself!

Did I mention I miss you!  I loved you until my last breath and I love you now, to the moon and back!

Happy Father’s Day


I am a day late posting this because youtube didn’t want to cooperate yesterday and I kept getting error messages, Thanks for that. ¬†Anyway my husband spent this Father’s Day in Afghanistan, and I know that is always hard for him, so I decided to give him a taste of home through memories. ¬†I made him a video with one of my favorite Daddy songs “Tough little boys” ¬†by Gary Allen, and a ton of photos of him and the munchkins

He loved it, and my munchkins actually loved being able to watch it and see pictures of them with Daddy too ūüôā

Goodbye to Pre-K


Yesterday my sugarplum graduated from Pre-K.  A few things:

1. I never thought I would be the mommy that wanted to cry, honestly I counted down days until she started pre-K, I was beyond ready, after all C was my handful, then I found out she would be my last, and everything changed, I feel like crying all the time. ¬†It’s scary how fast she is growing!

2. ¬†My son is a handful at school, and he has been labeled the class clown for years now, he loves to do anything funny, and sometimes gets himself in trouble for it, but as I sat in the front row watching my youngest get her diploma, she was also given an award…Class Clown, looks like the apple doesn’t fall far and I have to admit they get it from Mommy, I am hoping she is more like me in the sense that while I was the class clown and teachers had a tendency to either love or despise me, I did really well in school.

3. I watched as every little boy from her class said they wanted to be a hunter when they grew up and every little girl say they wanted to be a cowgirl when they grew up, and I wondered if C would change who she wanted to be, I half thought she would go the boy route and say hunter, I should have known better, she has never been afraid of being different or standing out, so I watched as she walked across the stage, accepted her diploma, and award and then promptly and loudly announced to everyone there that she wanted to be a ninja when she grew up. ¬†That’s my girl, I could not have been prouder at that moment than I was.

4.  On the first day of school I asked C a series of Questions and took a photo, then merged the 2 together:


Yesterday I asked her the same questions and took a photo and did this again:


Things have definitely changed throughout the year, and she has grown so much.  Congratulations sugarplum on making it through PK, and good luck for the future, I love you to outer space, then to Afghanistan, then back to outer space then back here again!!

Sibling Rivalry


My munchkins are 7 years apart. ¬†There are a lot of drawbacks to having children that far apart. ¬†For instance by the time I had C, A was pretty much independent, ¬†he went to school everyday, was fully potty trained, ¬†could pour his own cereal, get his own drinks, ect. ¬†We had also made it through the toddler stage and were still breathing, which I considered a pretty big accomplishment. ¬†When I had C I had to start all over again. ¬†I figured there was some good things about having them that far apart too, I was financially stable now, A had got my full attention for 7 years and now I could bond with C while he was at school during the day. ¬†I thought the ¬†biggest pro to having them far apart would be that they didn’t have petty arguments like children close in age do, and for the first 2 years of C’s life I still believed that. ¬†Now I know how wrong I was! ¬†I am so sick of hearing “Mooooooooooooom!”, “She touched me”, “get her out of my room”, “He won’t share with me”, “She’s yelling at me”, “He’s being mean to me”. “Stop touching that”, “Put that down”, “GET OUT!!”, “Leave me alone!”

I am pretty positive I could make each munchkin a CD with the things they say when arguing with their sibling and they could play it on repeat and the day would sound exactly the same as it does every other day.

My munchkins argue over anything and everything, who gets to use which controller, which days which ones are allowed in who’s room, rather tomato is TowMayTow or Tahmahtow.

What I forgot to account for was that C would want to hang out with her big brother, but A wouldn’t want his little sister following him around. ¬†Although you would think allowing A to have a lock on his door would solve this, if he wanted to get away from her all he has to do is go in his room and lock his door, if you ever think this, let me tell you right now…You’re Wrong! A doesn’t want to go in his room and shut the door he wants to sit in the living room and scream like a banshee every time C comes near him. ¬†Why? I have no idea, Again…Children are not normal!

If it’s easy they probably want to do it a different way, the much harder way. ¬†Which brings me to the next part of sibling rivalry that plagues our home. ¬†Sharing! C loves to share, A hates to share, and I am in the middle of the line when it comes to my feelings on sharing. ¬†I think some things should be sacred, you shouldn’t have to share, but where is the line, what should you have to share and what shouldn’t you? ¬†Maybe this is why I am never able to tell my munchkins a concise rule on sharing and maybe that is why they have such a hard time with it. ¬†My big thing is if you expect to be able to play with your siblings toys than you should expect to share yours. ¬†At any rate I have given A a place to hide things like his Nabi and DS so C doesn’t wake up early to sabotage whatever it is he has saved. ¬†The problem is he NEVER puts them in the hiding place and inevitably C erases something he “worked sooooo hard to achieve” ¬†I hear this argument at least 4 mornings a week, and after much debate, I have finally came to the conclusion that they are both at fault, I BEG A to please put it in it’s hiding place before bed. Go to sleep, wake up and repeat.

At what age does this continuous arguing end? ¬†Someone please tell me it is soon, even if you have to lie to me, yes please lie to me because I am concerned I won’t survive the summer!


Yes you can


I guest posted on¬†¬†Mommy Rambles¬†today. ¬†It’s a post about why I am a mostly yes parent and what it means, if you get a chance check it out, it will tell you a lot about me and the way I parent. ¬†In honor of that post I decided to share some Yes you can pictures with you:

Yes you can ride the big scary ride at the carnival


Yes you can order dessert


 Yes you can plant a garden even though mommy despises gardening and would rather jam a pencil in my eye than do this 4

Yes you can paint your face(and mine, and Pa’s and then your entire body) because why not


Yes you can climb a tree

Yes you can climb up that big rock hill(I will however be right behind you and your Aunt will be next to you in case something happens)


Yes you can play in the rain gutter

and yes you can put your baby doll in the water too


yes you can jump off of the boulder

Yes you can play in the mud


Yes you can bring some snow inside


This is more of a yes I will, Yes I will take a picture of you saluting your cheez-it because you are strange and think it looks like a flag(and no I didn’t tell him he was strange, he’ll figure that out eventually lol)


That is only a few but I hope you enjoy them and hopefully you have a better understanding of the “yes” thing