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Photographs from my weekend in NYC


People have been asking to see some more of my photography, so I decided to do this post with some of the photos I was able to take this weekend, that I really like.



This fish was at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and he was very photogenic



Another fish in the Museum


This was a photo from our trip to China Town


I loved the softness of this photo of my daughter at the Bronx Museum

Opinions? Favorites? I would love to hear from you!


The July trip to NYC


I always love visiting NYC, I love the atmosphere and I love the company.  This time it was all about the things my Daddy wanted to experience since he was along for the trip.

Day 1 we decided on Coney Island since he had not been there before. I am never quite sure why he wants to visit beaches since he doesn’t actually go in the water, but I never question it because well I want to go to the beach anyway ūüôā

I was able to get a few cool shots of the rocks and seagulls, total added bonus ūüôā

Day 2 we went to Times Square to the Toys R Us, the munchkins each got to pick a toy from PAPA and C was really excited because it was the first time we got the My little pony car on the wheel.
pony ride
Then we headed over to Rockefeller Center and went to the Lego Store

The munchkins loved filling up their buckets with hand picked legos

After that we stopped by the NBC Experience Store and A was delighted that they had the chair from The Voice

When we got back that night we had A’s Ninjago Surprise Party

My dad and I left the next day and the munchkins stayed with Grandpa and Grandma, It was rough leaving them because I barely do it, but I know they are having a great time, and I am just looking forward to picking them up and spending another week in the city with family

NYIP Unit 5 Photo Project Review


I got the reviews back for my NYIP Unit 5 Photo Project I was really happy with them!

Photo 1: Cheetah : Spectacular, large off center, off focus background. I wonder what the animal is reacting to? The fact that you caught it in a simple beautiful photograph is outstanding, the fact that i wonder what is going on with him is a great thing, that keeps a person looking, very good thing!

Photo 2: News: Wow This is really some shot, WOW, look at this, spectacular in a negative way! I hope no one was hurt, Oh my lord, incredible, you show the country side behind it, smoldering fire, what a mess, I must look this up, wow this is something! Fabulous picture! You gave all the info, very concise.

Photo 3: Sports: Just great! Wonderful shutter speed, simple compostion. (She mentioned she loves baseball) Your picture is excellent.

Photo 4: Bug: Kind of sad, broken wing bug, he looks like he wants help, sad picture, evoking emotion, amazing what you could accomplish!  2 pictures with animals where it evokes completely different emotions in me, that tells me that it is a good picture, you got fairly close without a macro or telephoto that is great, really impressed!

Impressed and I like all your pictures very much!

Pat on the back for me lol, I am feeling pretty good right now!

Do you have a favorite picture?

NYIP Unit 5 photo project


I finished up and submitted my Unit 5 photo project.  This unit was fairly easy and fun for me.  I got an A on the test.

A picture of an animal (This Cheetah was eating grass at the zoo, I love that I was able to take it through glass, and get a good picture of the grass in his teeth)

A news photo that could be published in a newspaper or magazine (I was on my way to get ice cream when I passed this fire and was able to get the shot)

A sports photo (This was taken at one of my nephews baseball games)


A close up of an insect (this was taken without macro or telephoto, so I was pretty happy with how close I was able to get)

NYIP Unit 4 photo reviews


Unit 4 was all about portraiture, and I got my reviews on my photos. The biggest obstacle I had with this was the fact that I do not have the backgrounds and studio things, in the beginning of the course and before you sign up it says you do not need to buy any equipment, but if you want amazing shots you do, I however am moving this summer and do not want to purchase expensive stuff I can not bring with me.

Photo 1: little girl head and should shot: natural light: Main light camera right, reflector on left, background looks like blanket, I like the soft curves, very nice portrait, nice skin tones, nice catch lights, Very charming portrait

Photo 2: young girl head and shoulder shot: reflector and light:¬†Didn’t know what lights I was using, should have left a comment with that, indoor option school has you mark down is too vague, but I wouldn’t really know she wanted that, likes that I did not have glare in glasses, wrinkle in sheet a little distracting

Photo 3:  Location movie shootL Nice black and white, obviously she has a collection of films, which is something she is interested in that is good since I showed something interesting to her which was the assignment

Photo 4 : Outdoor 3/4 body shot: ¬†very pretty lady outdoors, nice skin tone, good lighting, glad she had her hand in shot, would have preferred without shades, but how would you know that, because it isn’t specific in the assignment, it’s a personal preference, beautiful portrait again said she is pretty

Photo 5: dog: love that you filled up the whole frame, beautiful pic realizes that the pet gets upset with flash and noise(which is a note I left with the pic) 3600 ISO still a little high, maybe move the f-stop down, and lower iso

*Note* The only thing I do not understand is my instructors obsession with ISO, she will tell me the picture is beautiful then complain ISO is too high, why does this matter if I got a beautiful shot?  Just a thought

Overall it wasn’t bad and I learned a lot

Send a free photo book to your deployed soldier


In honor of Father’s day and because my husband is spending his Father’s Day in Iraq I wanted to share this great program through the USO and Rocketlife. ¬†This one is for the family to make something special for the soldier. ¬†I made one for my husband, and he loved it. ¬†It is small enough to carry around in their cargo pockets yet large enough that you can fit over 60 photos. ¬†It took about 2 weeks for my husband to receive his, which is pretty quick. ¬†So if you want to do something nice for your soldier, send him a bunch of home photos he is sure to love, and the best part it’s absolutely FREE! Click on the link to get started!

Make a photo book

NYIP Unit 3 photo project review


I received my NYIP Unit 3 photo project review today. ¬†First things first I learned a lot about my instructor, such as she is a christian, I learned this from the bible verse she decided to share with me “God said let their be light there was a void before then, and creatures mostly don’t live without light, yes some don’t need sunlight but most do, sunlight governs most physical light”, and She enjoys swimming at Coney Island in the summer, and that the other side of Coney Island is ¬†“like Tom Sawyer and Huck Fin, people fishing with nets and poles”, or that she lives in an apartment and her neighbor boy who is younger than her carries in her groceries for her a lot, and she had just gotten her groceries before taping my photo review. ¬†I am not sure what any of this had to do with photography, my photography, or the review, but she gave me some great reviews so I should probably just let it slide.

You can see the photos I submitted here:

NYIP Unit 3 Photo Project

These were the reviews:

Photo 1: The duck : Absolutely love this picture of the duck in central park, you have duck, water, light, nothing else, this is what I love to see you got the essence right down to the nitty gritty!

Photo 2: Black and white picture(back lighting): very nice shot, would have liked to see her eyes, back light on hair was good, could have used a reflector

Photo 3: Flower:¬†rich, beautiful close up, lovely composition, gorgeous color, simple, that’s what I love, very very nice, perfect, superb

Photo 4: Outdoor frame picture: Love the frame within a frame, lots of fun, good even skin tones

Photo 5 and 6: comparison reflector/no reflector flowers: What a difference the reflector makes, you had a better shot with the reflector, 2nd was more vibrant, more balanced color, that is great, 1600 ISO was too high

Again told me how much she loves the duck lol

Overall I am pretty happy with how I ended Unit 3, an A on the test and some pretty good reviews especially since it was my least favorite Unit. 

NYIP Unit 3 Photo Project


This project was by far my least favorite, sure I realize you need to know how to use lighting, but overall I thought the pictures required were boring, and they didn’t speak to me at all. Such is life, I finished and am awaiting my review¬†
IMG_299745 degree lighting

IMG_3374back lighting

IMG_3995lighting for texture

IMG_4717person in shade 

IMG_5078 IMG_5079

pic 1 is 45 degree no reflector
pic 2 is 45 degree with reflector 

So happy to be finished with The Unit 3 photo project 

NYIP Unit 2 photo project


1 2 3

I received my unit 2 review along with my Unit 1 review today

Photo 1:
beautiful soft focus background, brilliant yellow tulip, absolutely gorgeous Great shot, Great composition

Photo 2:
Adorable picture, expression on goats face is priceless, can’t imagine what is going through his mind, fantastic, fabulous, perfectly simple

Photo 3:
You took a shot that is great in color, and would also be great in black and white or sepia love the angle you took it from the curving of the tracks impresses me, you have framing with trees, you have all of the elements. Great solid sense of composition

NYIP Unit 1 photo project


1 2 3
just received my review for this project today:

Photo 1: Great job on clear subject, Great background blur possibly could have shaved an inch off left side Good effective subject. nice expression watch shutter speed as it could have been about 1/60 instead of 1/30 

Photo 2: looking pretty nice, F-stop a little shallow, great job on clear subject feeling of distance could have been emphasized a little more, wide angle lens would have helped)just a note I do not own a wide angle lens)
strong solid picture

photo 3: Overall good photo, great shutter speed, nice job visually my eye goes right to ducks, motion is great
You conveyed a clear subject, framed edges pretty good, a little extra on middle right, but really overall nice and really clean
otherwise, subject¬†could be larger size without so much extra space(cropping would have helped) since you used a 300 mm lens and probably couldn’t have got closer
His favorite picture of the bunch

Overall pretty good, and a great start to the course