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Goodbye to Pre-K


Yesterday my sugarplum graduated from Pre-K.  A few things:

1. I never thought I would be the mommy that wanted to cry, honestly I counted down days until she started pre-K, I was beyond ready, after all C was my handful, then I found out she would be my last, and everything changed, I feel like crying all the time.  It’s scary how fast she is growing!

2.  My son is a handful at school, and he has been labeled the class clown for years now, he loves to do anything funny, and sometimes gets himself in trouble for it, but as I sat in the front row watching my youngest get her diploma, she was also given an award…Class Clown, looks like the apple doesn’t fall far and I have to admit they get it from Mommy, I am hoping she is more like me in the sense that while I was the class clown and teachers had a tendency to either love or despise me, I did really well in school.

3. I watched as every little boy from her class said they wanted to be a hunter when they grew up and every little girl say they wanted to be a cowgirl when they grew up, and I wondered if C would change who she wanted to be, I half thought she would go the boy route and say hunter, I should have known better, she has never been afraid of being different or standing out, so I watched as she walked across the stage, accepted her diploma, and award and then promptly and loudly announced to everyone there that she wanted to be a ninja when she grew up.  That’s my girl, I could not have been prouder at that moment than I was.

4.  On the first day of school I asked C a series of Questions and took a photo, then merged the 2 together:


Yesterday I asked her the same questions and took a photo and did this again:


Things have definitely changed throughout the year, and she has grown so much.  Congratulations sugarplum on making it through PK, and good luck for the future, I love you to outer space, then to Afghanistan, then back to outer space then back here again!!

Revenge is below me


I would just like to say thank you to my daughters PK teacher, or whoever is responsible for handing out day camp brochures to the 4 and 5 year old children as they exited the class.  My daughter in particular was super excited about the prospect of going to day camp.  She was in such a good mood, and with her you never really know what you are going to get when you pick her up from school, but that was literally all she wanted to talk about it, so I decided to take a look before we left the parking lot. Dates were good, price was good, and then I scanned a page on the brochure and this is what it said


Great! Now what the hell was a I supposed to do?  I could not say anything and she would continue to be the joyous little girl she currently was, that sounded good, but eventually I would have to tell her, and then she might be mad at me for letting her believe she could go, she is smart like that. Plus I don’t want to let her build up all that excitement just to break her heart.   The problem was the  alternate option didn’t seem great either. Option 2 was telling the truth, I would have to tell her that camp is only for ages 6 and up, and then deal with the drama that would surely ensue.  That didn’t sound like fun to me.  The thing is I have always believed in honesty and I have spent all of my children’s lives telling them that they needed to be honest, and that lying was for the weak.  So I did what I had to do, I told her, I told her that she couldn’t go because she wasn’t old enough and then she cried, and cried, and cried.   I had to stop at the gas station to pick up some diet coke on the way home and another child from her class was there with his mom, and guess what he was doing?  Did you guess crying?   Seems he found out the same harsh truth about day camp.  I sat in the store feeling particularly bad for both children, and then I did what any self respecting mother would do.  I bought them both candy and donuts!  If you didn’t know this I am telling you now candy and donuts make everything better!  I watched as their little faces went from devastated to smiling.  There is a problem with Candy and Donuts though, they don’t last forever and as she finished her last mini sugar coated donut, she asked again “How come I can’t go to camp?”  I didn’t want to repeat the same thing I had already said because I didn’t want her to repeat the same crying she had already done, so I told her that our vacation to the beach was in 17 days and it would be much much better than camp.  Success!  Now all she is talking about is the beach!  Of course because I fed her candy and donuts she is also talking about the beach a mile a minute and I am pretty sure she is in there  packing as I type

But back to the subject at hand, what kind of person hands out a brochure for a day camp that is made for children over 6 years old to a classroom full of Preschoolers? Is it some kind of sick joke?  Guess what tomorrow before she goes to school I am going to feed her more candy and donuts….and my sister is the lunch lady so maybe I will send in a note with C and some money so she can give the whole class ice cream……