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from ugly table to chalkboard fun


We came home to stay with my Dad while my husband went to Afghanistan and among the things in my daughters room here was this:

I asked my Dad if he would mind if I re-did it and he agreed I was good to go, So I procrastinated for about 2 months, because my time is pretty limited these days between mommy, cook, seeing specialists, and going to photography school, but then I finally got around to it, mostly because I couldn’t stand seeing it in original for anymore

I peeled off all of the weird wall paper
did a tiny bit of sanding(I hate sanding so do my best to avoid it)
Painted the top with Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint
let dry for an hour, repainted, let dry an hour, repainted
Painted the sides with acrylic paint(2 coats)
Let the table dry for 24 hours
rubbed the top with chalk, to cure it and then wiped it off

And ended up with this:


C, A, and I have been coloring on it with chalk for 2 months now and it always wipes clean, It is a lot of fun and looks better, so if you have an ugly table and a munchkin that like drawing, I totally recommend this

Total cost for project was 8.99

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Special Bubbles


I suppose these could be used outside as well, I don’t exactly recommend inside considering the mess you may have, but for us they added a special flare to a normal routine bath 


I used an aluminum pie tin, added some dollar tree bubbles, a little bit of water and blue food coloring, No real science just experiment with amounts until you get it right 🙂 

C had a blast with this and I am sure we will be doing it again 

Cloud Dough


Cloud dough is a lot like moon dough that you buy in the store, it can be molded which makes it super fun and you can do so much with it add scents or colors to broaden the sensory play even more, use it to make fake icecream, dirt, or put it in the freezer for awhile to make it like snow(we added glitter to this one) so hopefully you will give it a try

All you need is flour and cooking or baby oil
just mix 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil

Colored Spaghetti and the Alphabet


I have seen colored spaghetti all over pinterest and the internet so i decided to try it out, I am a firm believer that sensory activities teach something on their own, but I also hid some plastic letters in the spaghetti, which added even more learning and my daughter thought it was the most amazing thing ever.

1 2

To make it all you need is spaghetti, ziploc bags, oil and food coloring

Cook the spaghetti according to package directions
Put a few drops of food coloring and a little bit of oil in each ziploc bag(depending on how many colors you want to make)
Mix it up and enjoy

Clay Volcanoes


12 34

1st make a volcano using clay or play-doh, It doesn’t have to be fancy just something that has a well, C made one herself and it worked fine they also decided to add some grass around it(We used Crayola Air Dry Clay, although I am sure any clay or playdoh would do the trick)

Add Baking soda in the well, we filled it up about a 1/2 an inch from the top(we used some from the dollar tree)

Add food coloring(we used red icing gel, but probably should have added more because it oozed a more pink color)

add vinegar (my children repeated this process many many times)(we used some from the dollar tree)

You then have a volcano that almost any child will love

I do recommend doing this outside, or with some type of protection under it as ours did run over the plate

C decided she needed to stick her hands in it and play with it for awhile that is completely optional

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