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Sensory Balloons


This was a simple activity and the munchkins both enjoyed it:

You will need:
Ballons ( I do recommend you use bigger balloons because they will be easier to fill, but you can use whichever you prefer)
Different things to put into the balloons (Try to use a variety of different textures)

Things we used to fill the balloons:

  • oats
  • mini jingle bells
  • hair jell
  • liquid soap
  • water
  • dried beans
  • shredded paper
  • cotton
  • small stones
  • water beads
  • buttons
  • cut up foam paperFor the babies that I watched I just let them feel the balloons and play with them (of course this requires direct supervision)
    For C and A I had them try to guess what was in each balloonballons filled
  • balloons filled1
  • balloons filled2

Simple quick sensory play ideas


As you can probably tell we do a lot of sensory activities, and some of them involve a lot of set up, clean up or time in general.  I wanted to share some of the things we have done that are just quick and easy, but also a lot of fun!

#1. Add bubbles to the swimming pool
bubbles in pool

You could also add sea life, shells, bubbles to blow, a bubble machine next to the pool, fake flowers, cups bowls and a stariner

#2. Glow Balloons
glow balloons

This picture is kind of freaky, she looks like a ghost, but it showed the balloons best, just stick a glow stick in the balloon and blow it up, we used glow sticks from the dollar tree they came 10 in a pack and worked great I do recommend larger balloons and of course this works better in the dark, the original idea from this stemmed from a Play at home Mom post about glow hide and seek

#3. Add toys that you wouldn’t normally play with in the bathtub to their bath
bath time

These are foam magnet blocks purchased from discount school supply, but the options are basically limitless
Some Ideas: mega blocks, ponies, plastic animals, shells, plastic trucks and cars, a strainer, measuring cups, ball pit balls, fake flowers, dolls(not cloth), dinosaurs, foam shapes
This just switches up bath time and is a great way to give new life to old toys that aren’t played with often anymore

#4 more of a craft, but using chalk on black construction paper
chalkboard construction paper

A couple other ideas that I do not have pictures of:
1. Oats in a bin with any plastic toys
2. dirt in a bin with plastic trucks
3. water and ice cubes in a bin with penguins or polar bears
4. a water bin with droppers, measuring cups, and spoons
5. spices and condiments in muffin tins with a bowl for mixing
6. Yogurt or pudding paintin
7. throw pillows and blankets on the floor and see what they come up with

Do you plan on trying any of these? Have any ideas for another simple sensory activity? Please feel free to share and even link if you have a post on it 🙂