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Turkey Thanksgiving Craft



This is a pretty simple craft that is lots of fun and cute to display for thanksgiving

All you need is construction paper, feathers, glue and crayons (we got our feathers at the dollar tree)

  1. Cut 2 circles out of brown(or you could use white) construction paper)
  2. Take a piece of construction paper and glue down some feathers (no exact amount whatever you think looks good
  3. Glue your biggest circle so that the top of the circle is covering the bottom of the feathers
  4. Glue your smaller circle above the bigger one overlapping slightly
  5. cut 2 triangles out of orange construction paper and 2 gobblers out of red and glue on the head to create the face
  6. Draw on your eyes, and your legs

    Now hang your Turkeys on the wall, or fridge and enjoy!