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Electronics and Video Games, could they be causing it all?


The other night was particularly rough for us as far as my son and schooling went,, we basically found out that he is failing one class pretty badly, he admitted to not paying attention and he has been overly talkative.  A is one of those kids that loves to be the class clown, making other people laugh makes him happy no matter how or where he does it, which tends to cause some issues in school.  As far as focus goes people like to lay the blame on his ADHD and they are probably right, but they also like to blame his inability to remember things on his ADHD, and that can’t be the case. Do you know how I know? Because he has no problem remembering things he wants to remember! At any rate we decided to finally take away the video games and tablet until he choose to do better at school.  My sweet boy sat at the kitchen table for at least 2 hours, snot dripping out of his nose, drool hanging off his mouth bawling like his dog had just died, I kid you not, my husband actually told me he thought maybe we should hide his shoe laces, he was so depressed, and all over video games…so as I tried not to lose my fucking mind, which was a pretty big challenge after the first hour went by with no sign of stopping, I started thinking a LOT.  I was thinking about what is different in society, or in life in general now than 25-30 years ago, Why are children struggling more often in school, and with life in general and ya know what I realized?

We are pretty much the 1st generation of gamers raising children!

Which lead me to more thinking about all of the things that have changed in the last 25-30 years.
People as a whole are a lot less healthy
Marriages seem to have more problems, Divorce rates are up
Children tend to focus less on studies and playing outside has become almost obsolete
Mental health diagnosis and the amount of people on prescription drugs has skyrocketed

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

I know gamers are hating right now, They are shouting at their screens that video games and electronics are not the issue.  I get it I used to be a gamer and I am certainly addicted to my computer, but hear me out folks.

How many times did you come home to find your mother on facebook or pinterest and your father playing World of Warcraft or Call of Duty?  I know I didn’t ever.  How many of you called your mother a bitch or your father an asshole to their face? How many of you were not at all nervous when the school called your parents? Let me tell you, if I fucked up and the school said they were calling my mom, I begged them to change their mind, I once got the bi part of bitch out to my mother before I had a bloody mouth, and I wouldn’t even have thought to say anything disrespectful to my father as a child, and let me be clear by saying my father spanked me twice in my entire life, so he was by no means abusive, he was just scary because he was my dad and I was made to listen, it only took twice to put the fear of god into me, but that’s another story for another time.  At any rate, is it so crazy to correlate some of the behaviors of our children to the lack of parenting by adults, and to correlate the lack of parenting with the increase of electronic use?

You have to look at the facts and while I am not speaking of every man, woman and child out there because there is always exceptions I am speaking of the majority, I am speaking of what I see in my home, in my friends and families homes and all over the internet.

More and more children are focusing less on an education, less on being active, less on sports and more on video games, tablets, computers and cell phones.
Seriously I have seen 7 year old’s with cell phones…that to me is absurd!


More and more men focus so much on electronics that they forget they even have a family ( In my house we call this tunnel vision because unless a piece of the debris falls in his lap the whole house could explode and he’d never even know it while he is playing a video game)
And seriously how many know the feeling of being horribly aggravated because you are doing everything, your husband walks in the door walks to the game system and starts playing as if nothing else exists?


More and more women are spending their days on facebook and pinterest, rather than keeping their houses clean, and spending quality time with their children.  How many parents go days without having a conversation with their kids while they are doing absolutely nothing else?
Do you know how many times I see status’ on facebook from women claiming it is sooooo HARD to keep their house clean, or find time to play with their children, or cook a meal for their husbands,   Let me let you in on a little secret it is not hard, you just have to put down the keyboard.


We live in a world of internet, computers, game consoles, smart phones and tablets, and I have to say I think it is ruining the modern day family.

Do you know that as of 2011 15% of divorces cited video games as the reasoning? Seriously? I believe it because I can’t count the number of women I see or hear every day talking about how all their husband does is play video games or watch TV…

Do you also know that children who come from a divorced home are more likely to get a divorce themselves, and that children of parents who play video games are more likely to also play them, so how many divorces will now be indirectly caused by video games?

Do you know how many times I see someone complaining of being broke then buying the latest game to come out or people getting government assistance while carrying around an I-phone, or people begging for food for their children on a computer they own with internet they pay for?


Yet we still can’t believe that maybe just maybe electronic technology could be a large part of the problems today?

I know I know but technology makes life easier, you can:
Get ideas online
Pay your bills online
Use your phone to deposit a check
Call someone if you a broke down
Shop without leaving your house
Listen to music anywhere anytime
Record your favorite shows to watch later

or It’s FUN, it relieves stress…but does it relieve stress or could it secretly be causing yours?

If you ask me I think they may just be degrading the quality of life.  So many people have lost perspective on what is and what is not important!  How many times do you see someone answer one of those quiz questions that asks something like “What 5 things could you not live without” with things like: my cell phone, my tablet, my video games, my TV, my makeup, sunglasses…and other things like that? Ya know what you can’t live without? Food and water? You know what would make the quality of your life less? lack of friends, family, love, integrity, honor, a bed to sleep in and other things like that, but those are never the answers given.  WHY?

Because too many people these days have lost track of what is truly important, and have become reliant on a game system or a computer, or a phone for happiness, The problem is they aren’t creating happiness, they are creating distant family units who lack quality time.  If they created happiness then depression would not be on the rise.  Think about it!
What’s your take on it?


Your child likes video games, you like crafts?


Have a child that is in to video games? Want to see them do something except sit in front of a video game system? Give them construction paper, crayons, scissors, glue and whatever other craft items you think they may need and tell them to make one of their favorite video game characters!

My son chose to make Kirby:

This is the final outcome, and honestly he was so proud of himself for being able to create it.

Bonus he was away from electronics for 30 minutes while he worked away on his craft.