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Catching Butterflies


Things have been so crazy in Afghanistan, particularly in the area my husband is in, It has really started to get to me, I have a slight issue where I always tend to panic the last couple months of deployment anyway, I blame it all on songs and movies, since in those something always happens to the soldier right before he is suppose to come home, they have me pretty much convinced that it will go down that way, and even though this isn’t our first deployment go round, It still gets to me.  Losing 8  soldiers from Ft Bliss and my husbands brigade, some I knew and some I didn’t  has done nothing to ease my mind either, I think about each one of them and their families everyday and then I worry more and more.  My husband has also been out on quite a few missions lately so I have came to the conclusion that he is going to have to start calling going on a mission catching butterflies, It sounds a lot more pleasant, I mean who gets hurt catching butterflies right?

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